Professional Development and Corporate Education


"Career development is the #1 factor in employee retention." Improve your company's dynamics today.


Through the Professional Development and Corporate Education program, we are forging an alignment between leadership development and education within communities in which we play a role. Equipped with esteemed professors and subject matter experts, we help employers apply education and training solutions that are useful and work with the busy schedules dominated by both family obligations and work.

Why Professional Development

Employees are the invaluable resource of any business, but there exists an ongoing challenge to retain these qualified workers. Alvernia implements an educational strategy that reinforces a connection between employee and employer while adding both job satisfaction and worker efficiency. Constant employee improvement through acquired skills and adaptation is necessary to stay relevant in today's competitive global economy. Through the constant investment of training and education, employers assure for themselves a versatile and forward-moving staff beyond the educational setting.


With our exclusive customized professional development programs, you’ll invest in your workforce to ensure that your employees are cutting-edge, adaptable and
focused on your goals and objectives, so you remain a best-in-class organization. Alvernia provides services to every industry in all sectors of the community. Alvernia University caters to a number of industries in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.

  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Law Enforcement Organizations
  • Membership, Trade, and Other Associations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • School Districts
  • Social Service Organizations

Why Alvernia

At Alvernia, we believe education systems should adapt to the demands of all learners, including those who follow a non-traditional educational pathway. Since 1958, Alvernia has offered programs that support our students' competitive success and growth across multiple industries. Our programs are tailored to work with the needs of adult learners, providing access to courses at their workplace, convenient locations, and even in their neighborhood. Alvernia focuses on:

  • Maximizing learning
  • Offering efficiently designed programs
  • Fostering active engagement
  • Developing competencies in the workplace


At Alvernia we understand that employers want what’s best for their business by providing employees the education and training they need.  Doing so, creates a motivated, savvy work force ready to meet challenges and go the extra mile.

Our professional development programs are developed to be mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee with a wide range of custom designed degree and professional certificate programs. The market is fiercely competitive, so taking advantage of professional development is one smart way to increase job satisfaction and staff morale, leading to higher employee retention and productivity.

Work Force Education + Alvernia= High ROI

What would improve your organization, strengthen your workforce, create
new opportunities and add more competitive advantages? The power of workforce education developed exclusively for you by Alvernia University.

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