Theatre 8

Mission Statement

The mission of the College of STEAM is to further the Franciscan vocation to repair Creation and to honor the whole human person who is part of that good Creation. We embrace:

  • the Science that studies all aspects of Creation,
  • the Technology and Engineering that translates, uses, and adapts science for the use and betterment of humans,
  • the Arts that recognize the human experience through visual, aural, and human movement experiences and the representation of relationships in Art, Music, Dance, and Theatre, and
  • the Mathematics that allows us to understand and communicate about the inner-workings of Creation.

Vision Statement

To accomplish our mission we will create the college through which we can:

  • Work together using Alvernia’s core values to model collaboration and create new knowledge and new experiences for our students; for ourselves as scientists, technologists and engineers, mathematicians, and artists; and for the Alvernia and wider community,
  • Prepare students to be ethical leaders in STEAM fields and endeavors, and
  • Provide students with the appropriate tools to create the tomorrow we can’t imagine today.


Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of STEAM at Alvernia University. STEAM — representing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics — encompasses the disciplines that drive innovative problem-solving, entrepreneurship, critical thinking and technological growth. These disciplines are at the heart of the technological revolution fueling our growth and transformation as a society. 

Alvernia’s College of STEAM is committed to giving students a distinctive education, while providing a fundamental understanding of technology. The university’s expert and nurturing faculty teaches in world-class facilities. Our curriculum, based in Franciscan values, utilizes extensive partnerships with local and national industry leaders, aiming to drive technological innovations through engagement with our growing entrepreneurial community. 

Our educational programming incorporates real-world, hands-on learning with industry partners and local entrepreneurs, rigorous fundamental theoretical training, and a commitment to personal and professional development. With the rapid pace of technological innovations and change, our educational techniques prepare students for the applications of today and the jobs of tomorrow. 

If you want to work with industry leaders, advance technology through work with emerging entrepreneurs, learn how the Arts drive innovation, and prepare yourself for the jobs of the future while in school, we invite you to consider pursuing your education at Alvernia University’s College of STEAM.