Student Fellow


To be eligible for the Summer Grant Program, Student Fellows must:

  • have completed at least 30 credit hours prior to the beginning of the summer program
  • have a GPA of a 3.0 at Fall semester prior to application or permission from Faculty Scholar
  • be registered for following Fall semester

The grant will be contingent upon successful completion of Spring semester and registration for subsequent Fall semester.  Student Fellows may submit one S.U.R.F grant per year.


The Student Fellows will:

  • work with Faculty Scholar during the Summer
    • The work should be mostly done between May/August
    • Each application should clearly identify the expected distribution of work in amount of weeks and hours per week (in proposal Timeline) based on the characteristics/demands of the project
  • attend the following required events during the summer (see Schedule): 
    • Welcome meeting/meal
    • Regular meetings/consultations with Faculty Scholar as determined in proposal Timeline, to discuss both the project as well as career development.  
      • Recommended: at least once a week while working on the project
    • Scheduled workshops with other Summer Fellows and Faculty Scholars to discuss issues related to research and professional development. 
    • Summer 2016: Every Wednesday, 9-11am, during the month of June.
    • Capstone meeting & presentation of work accomplished to date, and meal.
    • In case of schedule conflict with any of the required events, provide information in the application, inform Faculty Scholar, and Program Coordinator as soon as possible.  
  • live on campus housing (to create and develop a cohort)
  • prepare two written reports to Faculty Scholar, reflecting on experiences at the midpoint and end of the program (see Schedule)
  • give formal presentations to the Alvernia community at future events.
    • Fall: Trustee and donor meetings
    • Spring: Honors Convocation, and HECBC (Undergraduate Research Conference).

Student Fellows are also encouraged to share their research with the academic community outside of the University.


S.U.R.F. Program Coordinator

Dr. Erin Way
Psychology & Counseling
Upland Center 125
Phone: 610-685-3257

SURF Student Undergraduate Research Fellows