Project Expenses

Besides the $3,000 award, Student Fellows may apply for up to $800.00 additional dollars to cover expenses associated with the summer research project or future presentations. A separate application form is available for budget requests. Covered expenses might include: 

  • Travel to sites
  • Poster
  • Other expenses directly related to project (supplies/ materials/ equipment)
  • Conference presentation (including registration and travel)

The project expense application may be submitted with the S.U.R.F. application.

  • Only approved expenses will be reimbursed. 
  • If Student Fellows identify financial needs during the summer program, they should submit the appropriate project expense application form, and a budget with a rationale for the request to the Office of the Provost.   
  • Receipts must be submitted two weeks after expenses is incurred, but no later than June 15.  Materials (or other expenses) that require an Alvernia University credit card needs to be purchased by May 30nd.


S.U.R.F. Program Coordinator

Dr. Erin Way
Psychology & Counseling
Upland Center 125
Phone: 610-685-3257

SURF Student Undergraduate Research Fellows