Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

  • Do it now. You may rarely have the time and freedom to do this again as easily after you graduate and start a career.

  • Make lasting friendships across the world.

  • It's affordable! Pre-approved programs are payable with Alvernia tuition and your financial aid most of the time will travel with you.

  • Set yourself apart when looking for jobs. Employers consider study abroad to show leadership, initiative, and communication skills.

  • Learn a second language!

  • Become comfortable working with and interacting with people of other cultures.

  • Expand your horizons and your independence.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your field through internships, field trips, and experiential learning.

  • Take your place as a global citizen.

How Far Ahead Should I Plan?

  • At least 6 months ahead, although in some cases you can complete all the applications faster to meet deadlines for both Alvernia University and the host program.

  • Study Abroad in Fall, Spring, or even Summer!

Can I Go with a Friend or with a Group?

  • You apply to your choice of program as an individual. Sometimes a friend can be accepted into the same program, but often students like the challenge of studying abroad independently and meeting people from other cultures. But you are not alone; you are housed with other international students and often American students, in a variety of pre-approved university housing choices, and in-country residence staff are available at all times.

Is it complicated to apply?

  • Study Abroad takes careful planning but with support from the Study Abroad Office and your faculty advisor, as well as with the Office of Financial Planning, it is a streamlined process. Both Alvernia University and program partners must accept  your application. Deadlines are especially important to note and meet.

I never studied abroad before.  Does that matter?

  • No. You will be given resources to prepare yourself well for this experience by both our Study Abroad Staff and also receive a comprehensive orientation by our program partners. Most people studying abroad have a very positive experience even if it is their first time overseas!

I have a lot of questions and maybe some concerns.

  • Please make an appointment to talk with a staff member in the Study Abroad Office. We will work with you to guide you through this process and help you identify a program that works for you! Also, we will help you transition back to campus and integrate your experiences back into your resume and classes upon your return.

How can staff help me?

  • The Study Abroad Office will help you: 
    1. Explore Programs and Apply 
    2. Prepare for Study Abroad 
    3. Support you while you are overseas in a variety of ways and
    4. Help you with your re-entry into Alvernia campus life. 
  • You gain great skills and knowledge through each of these steps and experiences!

Buon Viaggio!

Contact Information

Melissa Manny

Director of Global Learning
Office of Inclusive Engagement
Global Learning
BH 106A

Study Abroad Scholarships
Boren Scholarship
For eligibility visit the scholarships website or contact Global Learning

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