Limited, need-based scholarship assistance may be available from a variety of sources. The Study Abroad Office can help you research available scholarship funds for study abroad. There may be an option to apply for additional or increased loans to cover travel costs if necessary.

For eligibility visit the scholarships website or contact Global Engagement.

Students are invited to apply for a Real-World Learning Award when applying abroad by visiting this link.

Study Abroad

Students and faculty at the Great Wall of China
Real World Learning Award
These competitive awards support student participation in:
•Study Away Experiences
•Non-domestic Service Learning or Alternative Breaks
•Undergraduate research
Study Abroad to China 2019
Danzer Foundation Scholarship
The object of the fellowships is to extend to the U.S. students who study in the Reading area Coalition Schools to study in Reutlingen University in Germany.
Each of the beneficiaries of the scholarship will receive 4,000 euros to cover all expenses in Germany and $3,000 USD as a grant towards the cost of the experience
Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement
Dr. Rudy Ruth
Bernardine Hall 102D