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Second Year Students and Transfer Students to the university have two housing options available to them: (1) they can join a university sponsored themed community in the transitional area (Sophomores Serve and Transfer Student Community) and (2) go through housing selection and choose from available rooms. You may choose a themed community and select your roommates as long as all your potential roommates also select the same themed community as you.

Alvernia University is committed to providing a living environment that challenges second year students to connect more to the campus and Reading community through greater involvement and leadership. Alvernia offers students two distinctive university sponsored themed communities for transitional area students:

  • Sophomores Serve
  • Transfer Student Community

Sophomores Serve

Sophomores Serves is a themed community sponsored by the Holleran Center for Community Engagement and the Office of Residence Life. Sophomore students who choose this option are required to select an overall theme from a provided menu of options on the Sophomores Serve ARC application for their Pod to direct their service toward. These causes include Interfaith Service, Homelessness/Poverty, Hunger, Education Intiatives, Animal Initiatives, and many more.  The Holleran Center and Office of Residence Life will provide contact information for each Pod for local organizations which fit their themes. Each Pod will also select a Service Leader who will be responsible for working with their Community Facilitator to complete one service project each month (three each semester around their central theme). The Community Facilitator will also work to engage the students in Village 4-Pods in the University Wide Days of Service.

Students participating in this community will be housed in Village 4-Pods in groups of 11 or 12. All students in Village 4-Pods will be required to complete certain service requirements (listed above) and will be held accountable through the PAX system. Most service projects should count toward their university service requirements.

To apply, please complete the Sophomores Serve Application in addition to your Housing Application on the ARC Portal.

Transfer Student Community

The Transfer Student Community is available to incoming transfer students only. Incoming transfer students are often housed in this community as we hold spaces for them in this community. A community facilitator and the Office of Residence Life offers programs for the transfer students to assist them in their transition to Alvernia University and connect them to Alvernia Faculty, Staff, & Students.

To apply for housing as a transfer student, please complete the Transfer Student Housing Application on the ARC Portal.

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