What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad presents students with the opportunity to engage in new cultures, enroll in courses that provide a new understanding and leave the world in which they are familiar.  As they are pushed beyond their imaginations, students will understand their strengths and weaknesses and have a better sense of self.  In addition, students experience new cultural and social perspectives, as well as, academic differences that aid them in developing goals for the future.  The study abroad experience is one that will help your student develop not only as an individual, but also build career skills.  In today's world all college graduates need the communication skills and resourcefulness that study abroad builds.  Students can study abroad as early as their freshman year, depending upon the program!

We work with our program partners to ensure that your student will be supported by professional, experienced staff not only in this country but also by staff resident in the program country as well.  Students experience an in-country orientation that helps them transition smoothly to their new environment.  They are housed in inspected and approved housing at their host universities abroad and participate in a variety of meal plans or self-catering residences with other international students.  Our partner, BCA, is a model for safety and emergency response, and your student will be covered by comprehensive travel insurance.  See FAQ for Parents on BCA website.

You are to be commended for supporting your student in planning and achieving this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The Global Engagement Office has a variety of resources to assist families in planning and preparing for their student's study abroad experience.


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