First Year Advising

At Alvernia, we believe that advising is a fundamental part of the learning experience; it helps students understand not only curriculum requirements but the variety of elements that make up a rich and successful college education.  First year students are advised by their First Year Seminar instructor.  In addition to helping students build a relationship with their advisor - students will see their advisor each week in class - this formal connection between advising and the classroom allows faculty to approach advising as a form of teaching and students to approach it as a form of learning.  Many of the topics covered in the seminar - liberal learning, self-reflection, educational planning - are at the heart of the advising relationship and help students establish the strong foundation they will need to shape a complete education.

FYS Faculty/Advisors have fun on Freshmen Orientation Day of Service 2014...

First year advisors use the advising relationship to: 

  • guide students in course selection and registration
  • help students learn methods to transform information into knowledge
  • encourage students to connect their academic and personal interests with co-curricular opportunities
  • promote individual responsibility and independence
  • prepare students for learning at the next level

Students are expected to assume the following responsibilities as advisees:

  • Accept personal responsibility for academic success
  • Make use of campus resources as recommended by advisors
  • Provide advisor with accurate and honest information during meetings
  • Become knowledgeable about University programs, policies, and procedures
  • Keep personal records of academic progress
  • Follow through on action plans created in collaboration with advisors


Freshman Year Experience