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Session 1: June 14 - July 2


One-credit courses are designated as Freshman Only. Class sizes will be capped to ensure access to the instructor.


PHI 190 Food Ethics: Food for the Body and the Soul (1 credit)

Course Description: Food is more than just fuel for the body. It not only provides nutrition and energy but also reflects our culture and identity. What is food and what/how should we eat? The course discusses philosophical and ethical issues on food and eating.     

Instructor: Dr. Bongrae Seok

Alvernia University Professor Dr. Bongrae Seok

Day/Time: MW 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM via Zoom                            

COM 190 The Art & Business of Blogging (1 credit)

Course Description: Have you ever wanted to create a personal or professional blog? Do you want to participate in influencer culture by blogging? In this course, students will learn the history of blogging; the art of writing for an online audience; and the basics of how to create, brand, and monetize a blog. 

Instructor: Dr. Caroline Fitzpatrick

Day/Time: M/W 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM via Zoom 

ENG/THR 190 "Can't Live with Them, Can't Live Without Them - the American Family in Drama" (1 credit)

Course Description: For students wanting to explore literature studies and/or theatre. Family dynamics long have occupied playwrights. We’ll look at a play written by America’s only Nobel Prize-winning playwright, Eugene O’ Neill – “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”  A family together in a house, what could possibly go wrong?                

Instructor: Dr. Nathan Thomas

Theatre professor Dr. Nathan Thomas

Day/Time: MW 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM via ZOOM

COM 190 TikTok University (1 credit)

Course Description: Do you sometimes feel like you learn more useful information from TikTok than you do in school? In this course, students will explore the ways this social media platform has transformed the way its users access information, put it to use, and share it with others.      

Instructor: Dr. Danielle Saad

Danielle Saad

Day/Time: T/TH 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM via Zoom

COM 190 Event Planning During & Post Pandemic (1 credit)

Course Description: Many of us have missed going to special events this past year like milestone birthdays, graduations, weddings and even concerts. Will we be able to go to them soon? What will these events look like post the pandemic? How is the event planning industry handling this crisis? This course examines these issues and introduces students to special event planning processes and techniques. It will touch on the following aspects of event planning: creating, organizing, identifying sponsors, marketing and implementing community & business events. This course is a taste of the COM 220: Event Planning course.    

Instructor: Dr. Jodi Radosh

Jodi Radosh

Day/Time: T/TH 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM via Zoom

PSY 190 "It's HOW you THINK that matters" (1 credit)

Course Description: Metacognition is becoming aware of how the gray matter in our brain allows us to learn and retain information, literally, "thinking about thinking." In this course we will talk about specific ways to maximize brain functioning so you can do your best in other courses. This course will introduce you to metacognitive strategies and help you to determine which strategies work best for you as you continue your educational journey in college.    

Instructor: Dr. Erin Way

Erin Way

Day/Time: T/TH 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM via Zoom



Session 2: July 5 - July 23


One-credit courses are designated as Freshman Only. Class sizes will be capped to ensure access to the instructor.


CJ 190 Mobsters, Murderers and Crooks (1 credit)

Course Description: This course will look at those characters who have become infamous in the world of crime, mobsters, serial murderers, mass murderers and other famous criminals. Who are they, what did they do, why did they do it and how did they get to be so well-known?   

Instructor: Barry Harvey

Criminal Justice Professor Barry Harvey

Day/Time: MW 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM via Zoom

MUS 190 "There are giants in the sky!" - Fairytales, Folklore and Legends in Broadway Musical (1 credit)

Course Description: Fairy tales, folklore and legends have long influenced and mirrored society. In this course, we will explore fairy tales, folklore and legends in three Broadway musicals.  We will focus on one musical each week.      

Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Michalik

Day/Time: MW 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM via Zoom

PHI 190 Thinking Through the Plague: Philosophy meets COVID-19 (1 credit)

Course Description: This course will be a brief introduction to the history and philosophy of existentialism. Students will be introduced to existentialist poetry, short stories, and documentaries with the aim to examine the human condition in times of war, violence, contagion, and chaos.                  

Instructor: Dr. Josh Hayes

Alvernia professor Dr. Josh Hayes

Day/Time: MW 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM via Zoom

BUS 190 Introduction to Branding (1 credit)

Course Description: This course will focus on the elements used by marketers to create and build value in the minds of consumers. We will discuss the secrets to successful branding through the use of promotional tools such as animated mascots (think the GEICO gecko, Tony The Tiger and Mr. Clean) and why these characters are superior to human spokes people.

We will also focus on the key elements in building a brand using techniques including logos, slogans, product placement in video games, movies and television programs along with jingles. This will be tied to the most effective ways to get and keep customers attention using proven consumer behavior techniques. The course will be interactive so bring your buying and marketplace experience to the class and learn why you buy the items you purchase.

Instructor: Dr. Sam Bradley

Sam Bradley

Day/Time: T/TH 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM via Zoom

COM 190 Streaks and Stories: Communicating Snapchat Style (1 credit)

Course Description: You’re my number one, but am I yours? Why is he dubbing me? Eww - why did she put that on her story? In this course, students will explore the interpersonal landscape of Snapchat. We will discuss how the Snapchat platform creates communication challenges and benefits that have real time impact on relationships, personas, and happiness.       

Instructor: Dr. Danielle Saad 

Danielle Saad

Day/Time: T/TH 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM via Zoom



Session 3: July 26 - August 13


One-credit courses are designated as Freshman Only. Class sizes will be capped to ensure access to the instructor.


PHI 190 Philosophy Games (1 credit)

Course Description: Learn to think philosophically through interactive group activities, logical puzzles, and games. Students will be introduced to key issues related to ethical values, critical thinking, and the meaning of life.                                                        

Instructor: Dr. Janae Sholtz

Philosophy Professor Dr. Janae Sholtz

Day/Time: T/TH 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM via Zoom

ART 190 Greek Gods; The Art, Myths and Legends (1 credit)

Course Description: The Classical period is known as a time of great achievements from the 8th -2nd centuries. Intellectual advancement is at the forefront of this movement as importance is placed on art, architecture, literature, mathematics, science, politics, and religion. Giving rise to the individual and the greatness one could achieve both mentally and physically.  While the rest of the world was considered barbaric. In this class we will highlight the Art and Architecture of the Classical Greek period and how they used it to honor their gods and give shape to the Western World we know today. 

Instructor: Mr. Peter Rampson 

Peter Rampson

Day/Time: T/TH 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM via Zoom

THR 190 Get moving! Dance - Wellness for Small Spaces (1 credit)

Course Description: Guides participants in developing awareness, alignment, strength and flexibility utilizing ballet, jazz, and modern dance concepts. You can dance anywhere - including in whatever space you have available to you! No previous dance experience necessary. The instructor will provide modifications for individuals who need additional adaptations. This course will combine synchronous meeting times with readings and written reflections to provide a movement practice focused on joy and connection.       

Instructor: Ms. Jessica Warchal-King

Day/Time: T/TH 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM via Zoom

UNIV 190 Head, Shoulders, Needs, and Knows - Success in Anatomy and Physiology (1 credit)

Workshop Description: Calling All Healthcare Majors!

Careers in healthcare are both challenging and rewarding. Get an insider’s view of how to be successful in Anatomy and Physiology.  Meet your professors and experience how classroom and laboratory settings unfold to provide foundational knowledge used to build a life-time career in healthcare. A high-tech virtual laboratory experience adds fun and supports your learning.

Join your healthcare peers in Athletic Training, Healthcare Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy to learn strategies and that support the science of learning. Get a sneak peek to how Alvernia supports your success through supplemental instruction, writing in the health professions, expert advice from a medical librarian, and exploring the science behind learning.

Instructor: Megan King

Day/Time:  T/TH 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM via Zoom



MOD B Courses: June 7 - June 25


Introductory major courses in Occupational Therapy are designated as Freshman Only. Class sizes will be capped to ensure access to the instructor.


COM 101 Composition and Research (3 credits)

Course Description: This course, a core requirement for graduation, is an introduction to the critical thinking, reading, researching, and writing skills that a student will encounter in an academic setting. Students will learn to develop their own ideas and respond to the ideas of others. Students will write essays in a variety of academic modes: exposition, analysis, argumentation, and research. Students will learn both APA and MLA citation styles. Students must achieve "C" or better to fulfill core requirements. This class is work intensive and not recommended to be taken at the same time as another course in this Mod. 

Instructor: Dr. Danielle Saad

Danielle Saad

Day/Time: Blended Synchronous Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 – 2:20 and Asynchronous Online work via Blackboard 

OT 101 Introduction to Occupational Therapy (3 Credits)

Course Description: This course is designed for all students interested in occupational therapy. It provides an overview of the history, philosophical base, values, standards, and ethics of the occupational therapy profession and its practitioners.  It introduces professional organizations, terminology, concepts and regulatory requirements of the profession. Required for freshmen occupational therapy students. Recommended but not required for transfer students. For transfer students, a course from a major or discipline related to occupational therapy may be accepted to meet the degree requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas

Day/Time: Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM



MOD 6 Courses: July 8 - August 26


Introductory major courses in Athletic Training are designated as Freshman Only. Class sizes will be capped to ensure access to the instructor.

AT 101 Introduction to Athletic Training (2 credits)

Course Description: This course is intended to introduce students to the profession of athletic training and sports medicine; including history, function, career opportunities and professional standards of the national (NATA) and state (PATS) organizations, as well as the educational objectives of the athletic training major. Facilities 125 where athletic training is practiced, types of clients treated, equipment used, and the various relationships with other healthcare professionals are discussed. Students spend a minimum of 25 observational hours and a maximum of 30 observational hours with a preceptor at the university’s facilities.                       

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Franek, AT Department Chair

Thomas Franek

Day/Time: MW 9:00 AM - 10:40 AM via Synchronous Zoom

MAT 131 Precalculus Math (3 credits)

Course Description: This course is an introduction to relations and functions including polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs. Prerequisite: two years of high school algebra and satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Test.  

Instructor: Dr. David Shoup

David Schoup

Day/Time: T/W/TH 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM In-seat (for Local Students) or via Synchronous Zoom


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