Halim Flowers

Halim Flowers is a visual artist, spoken word performer, businessman and author of 11 published nonfiction works, according to his artist bio. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Frederick Douglass Project for Justice as well as Cultural DC. He is an ardent advocate for human rights and is known for coining “Love is the Antibody.” In the short time since the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act of 2016 effectuated his 2019 release from prison, he has created a broad spectrum of paintings and spoken word composed of a benevolent mission forged and galvanized over decades in a pressure cooker.

In 1997, as a minor, Halim A. Flowers was arrested and wrongfully sentenced to two life sentences in Washington, DC. His experiences aired on HBO in the Emmy award-winning documentary “Thug Life in DC.” Released under a new juvenile resentencing law, Flowers’ 2019 freedom was documented by Kim Kardashian-West’s “The Justice Project” film. Upon release, he was awarded the Halcyon Arts Lab and Echoing Green fellowship awards.

Halim came to visit Reading and was inspired by the revitalization taking place — a movement important to Alvernia University. His piece entitled "Reading Revitalization" contains hidden elements, many of which reflect Alvernia’s core values.

Watch Flowers describe the elements within his painting.