Triiilax Patent O'Pake Institute Technology Transfer Office

From left: Curtis Jaques, Caitlin Long, Dr. Rodney S. Ridley Sr., Hayley Hine, Gerard Setteducato

University technology transfer office allows Triiilax to close gap in lacrosse industry

Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship secured its first patent with Spark Business Incubator clients Curtis Jaques and Gerard Setteducato of Triiilax, a premier lacrosse training company dedicated to breaking socioeconomic barriers and making lacrosse an accessible game for all. 


“Small, private universities like Alvernia typically lack the resources and inherent need from startups in their surrounding community to launch a technology transfer office,” said Vice President of Economic Development, Research and Innovation & COO of the O’Pake Institute, Dr. Rodney S. Ridley, Sr. “However, the spike in economic development and entrepreneurship that has resulted from the Reading CollegeTowne initiative have facilitated those resources and businesses have developed a need.” 


Jaques and Setteducato developed a portable lacrosse training tool to facilitate a small-sided game that promotes fundamentals and creativity while promoting safety and functionality. It consists of three targets that represent the fundamental areas that players would typically shoot at during a real game of lacrosse. This allows them to enhance their skills or use the tool for leisure at any experience level.  


“That's where this product closes the gap as the purpose of Triiilax is to grow our sport of lacrosse where anyone can use the Triiilax training tool anywhere,” said Jaques, founder of Triiilax and company partner. “The Triiilax training tool was a dream come true and it would have not been possible without the O’Pake team, Dr. Rodney Ridley and Caitlin Long, because they were the ones who made the patent and the vision come to life.” 


The O’Pake Institute focuses on assisting companies and entrepreneurs in intellectual property (IP) training, feasibility analyses, management, valuation, and commercialization. These services aim to merge the academic and commercial aspects of developing a product as well as to act as a catalyst in the commercialization process.  


“This patent is the first of many and this is the tip of the iceberg,” said the Chair of the O’Pake Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Committee and Ph.D. Graduate Assistant, Caitlin Long. “It is important to note that we don’t just leave them at the patent, but we wrap our arms around them to get their products to market, work with the client on licensing as well as help them take any other necessary steps.”  


O’Pake works with clients to ensure that they are making the proper advancements regarding patents, trademarks, or copyright and that the client selects the proper option for success. It also assists with the process of prototyping and product development. O’Pake is seeking a synergistic partner to license and market the Triiilax lacrosse training tool. 


“As two full-time lacrosse coaches, we needed someone outside of lacrosse to push this process forward,” said Setteducato, Triiilax company partner. “Having Dr. Ridley and the O’Pake Institute allowed us to grow and spread the game of lacrosse in a way that people may have not been exposed to.”