Class of 2023

A look at the new faces of Alvernia

More than 450 new students arrive at Alvernia this fall with most of them comprising the Class of 2023. This eclectic group of incoming students brings together an interesting mix of  interests, hobbies, scholarships, community service experience and athletic leadership.

Here’s a look at the group by the numbers:

  • 130 (32%) students are from out of state, including one all the way from Alaska
  • 3 sets of twin boys
  • 37 student government members, including 8 class presidents and 5 class secretaries
  • 1 magician
  • 2 camp counselors
  • 1 owner of a reptile breeding business
  • 75 students who have served their community including 1 who volunteered in the Stroke Patient Unit and 1 who volunteered with the Special Olympics
  • 1 lifeguard who saved someone from drowning
  • 7 fundraiser organizers including  1 who fundraised for babies with cleft lips
  • 3 with older siblings at Alvernia
  • 1 who created a TV Show for their high school
  • 47 members of National Honor Society
  • 32 sport team captains
  • 1 student who graduated high school in Kenya
  • 3 Boy Scouts and 1 Girl Scout (she also earned the Gold Award)
  • 1 Airman who volunteers for search and rescue and is learning Air Force rules and regulations