Tara Simmons | MAL | Graduate | All Abilities Fitness Center

Tara Simmons

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Science '16

Master of Arts in Leadership '18


“I was taught early on, that people are innately good.  This has provided the foundation for my compassion to work with those in need of someone to advocate for them,” said Tara Simmons, owner of All Abilities Fitness Center located on Perkiomen Avenue in Reading. Simmons graduated in May 2018 with a Master’s degree in Leadership from Alvernia and is turning life’s obstacles into opportunity for all.


While pursuing her Master’s degree, Tara opened All Abilities Fitness Center. The center strives to provide a safe and inclusive place for those with any disability to feel comfortable to improve physical fitness, social bonds and fulfill sensory needs in a non-judgmental, secure setting. It has become a safe haven for children and their parents who otherwise had limited opportunity for inclusivity.


“My experience with Alvernia has been nothing but positive. All of my professors have given me not only academic advice, but have added to my growth and development as a professional. I look at issues on a more global level with attempts to look past my own personal biases.”  Alvernia offers opportunities for students to make connections with local businesses leaders, providing advice and guidance that money could not buy.


All Abilities Fitness Center will be partnering with Alvernia’s occupational therapy department in the Spring 2021 semester. Students from Alvernia will participate with Level II fieldwork assignments at Simmons’ center. This partnership serves to enhance the member’s access to occupational therapy and provide students with the opportunity to serve the local community.

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