Ann Marie Stout

Ann-Marie Stout graduated in June 2019 with her Bachelor of Social Work degree. Stout’s focus during her undergraduate work was to address the needs of the local community, tackling poverty, drug addiction, limited education and poor resources. Through her internship with the Salvation Army Pathway of Hope Program, she gained the experience and confidence to work toward breaking the cycle of poverty and assist parents with goal attainment.
Stout’s ties to Reading and her faith remained a priority as she pursued her future goals, which included returning to Alvernia for her Master of Social Work. “I feel like I would not be who I am today if I was not raised in Reading. At this point, I am seeing where God takes me on my journey.” Guided by hard work and faith, both goals have come to fruition for Stout.
Stout has been hired to take over the Pathway of Hope Case Manager position at the Salvation Army and is also attending Alvernia once again pursuing her Master of Social Work Degree.  Her field hours will be completed at the Salvation Army, focusing on macro practice and community engagement. She will be helping to organize all the seasonal events including the Angel Tree and Adopt a Family Christmas programs, as well as the Easter giveaways.

Ann-Marie Stout

Class of 2019

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