Eric Turman, principal of Reading High School, addresses students at forum.

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education '97

Master of Education in Urban Education '03

Principal Certification '04


Eric Turman is Reading High School’s principal, serving the calling of preparing students for success in adulthood. His journey began at Alvernia, graduating in 1997 with his undergraduate degree in Education, securing his Master’s in Education in 2003, and adding Principal Certification in 2004.


This culmination of degrees has prepared him to serve the needs of his students. “Preparing students for the future becomes even more critical in an urban setting. At Reading Senior High School, where I am the principal, we serve a population of students who are over 90 percent minority and receive free and reduced lunch. These students already have risk factors that can make it challenging to be successful after high school.” With a focus on secondary education beyond high school, Turman has made it part of his goal to prepare students for the future.


Students need to know what role education can play in future earnings. “Finishing a post-secondary program will not guarantee them a job, but it will guarantee them the opportunity to compete for a job.” Of course, finances play a part in this equation, making it very difficult for young adults to be successful.


Alvernia has partnered with Reading High School in a number of ways to set students on the path to success. The Reading Collegiate Scholars Program was implemented in 2014 with the intent to increase high school graduation rates and college attendance rates in Reading, while ensuring the successes of those Reading student who attend Alvernia University. Each year, through generous support of donors, 10 Reading city students are offered full tuition, 8 semester scholarship, to attend Alvernia University.


Turman continues to echo the sentiment with students, reminding them that it is within their reach. “My message for my students is very clear: if you want the opportunity to be successful, no one will hand-deliver that to you. Prepare, listen, learn and be ready to persevere through any situation. If you can do that…the world is yours.”

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