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With the conclusion of the inaugural Alvernia University football season, Neeko Scurlock, a class of 2021 criminal justice administration major, reflects on how his experiences on the gridiron shape his attitude off the field. Playing football for Alvernia gave Scurlock a new perspective on how to handle challenging situations, which makes him stronger in the classroom and the real world.

Scurlock, who fills both offensive and defensive roles for the Golden Wolves said, “If you miss a catch or a block during a game, you have to learn from it and keep going.” He explained, “I apply that idea in the classroom. If I make a mistake on a test or assignment, I have to bounce back immediately so I can stay on top of my coursework.”

Thanks to lessons learned on the field, Scurlock is confident he’ll succeed in the workplace after graduation. “I know I’m going to have tough days at work. Playing football teaches me to turn negative situations into positive learning experiences.”

Scurlock emphasizes the need to strengthen bonds on the primarily freshmen Golden Wolves roster. “Not everyone is as outgoing as me. I’m learning to be a leader by reaching out to form relationships so we can work together as a team.”

With a general plan to work in criminal justice after graduation, Scurlock will apply these life lessons to his career. “I’m not sure where I want to go in my career, but I’ll be happy as long as I’m supporting my family and my community.”

Neeko Scurlock
Class of 2021
Criminal Justice Administration

Football player in suit and tie
"Playing football has taught me to bounce back from adversity and move forward stronger."
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