David Ruppert, Marine veteran, graduates with 3 degrees from Alvernia.

David Ruppert
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
Major 2 Finance, Major 3 Management


David Ruppert began his journey at Alvernia 5 years ago as a Veteran from the Marine Corp. He graduated May 15, 2021 with degrees in Criminal Justice, Finance, Business Management and a minor in History. His inspirational story and drive to succeed began in the military, with transferable skills to thrive in the learning environment at Alvernia.

Visiting the campus and knowing other veterans that had attended made the decision easy for Ruppert. “I decided to attend Alvernia because of fellow veterans I knew were enrolled and told me how great the overall culture of the University was with Veterans. When I attended an open house for Alvernia, it was welcoming, open, and left a great impression on me.” Finding out that there were fellow veterans in his classes also created a connection which made it enjoyable while providing a network of support for increased learning. “Those around me helped push me through and in return I was able to be a beacon for them, to show that when you put your mind to anything, it will be done.”

Ruppert applies words of wisdom he learned in the military to his civilian life, and shares his thoughts with those considering a return to school. “Don’t sell yourself short in the end; do not let others tell you that you can’t. Make yourself an asset so that you become indispensable. Learn something new and never stop learning.”

A first-generation military, and now first-generation college student with three degrees, Ruppert is prepared for success. “I believe that Alvernia sets it graduates for success. I plan on obtaining a master’s degree in the near future and I thank Alvernia for putting me in the position to believe I can obtain it as well as fully preparing me to achieve this goal.” An internship with Alvernia’s criminal justice department opened the door for full time employment for Ruppert after graduation with Thompkins Financial Bank.


David Ruppert, with Tom Minick, receiving Saint Ignatius of Loyala Award.
David Ruppert, Marine veteran, is awarded the Saint Ignatius of Loyola Award as an exemplary military service student.

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