Female student in China
Arielle Phillips in Yinchuan, China, during a study abroad trip.

A study abroad trip to Yinchuan, China, revealed a more serene way of life that led psychology major Arielle Phillips to change the way she approaches her life and work.

“Everything in China seems a bit slower and calmer. I got to take everything in and appreciate the beauty. I learned to take things a little bit slower—really slow down and appreciate what I have and think about where I can go next,” said Phillips.

After her study abroad trip, Phillips used her new perspective while working as an intern at Tweed-Weber-Danks, Inc., which is a business management consulting firm in Reading, Pa. “I want to make sure I’m putting out a quality product, and speed isn’t the biggest thing I should worry about,” said Phillips.

As an intern, Phillips organized data and coordinated surveys for the firm. The internship gave her a taste of the career she hopes to have after graduate school.   

“We do a lot of practice in class, but this is real-world now. I get to actually see it in action. I can see the final product of it when we take it to our clients and show that this is what came out of the research,” Phillips explained.

Phillips plans to earn her master’s degree in psychology from New York University (NYU). To build upon the work she completed at her internship, Phillips will concentrate on consumer behavior and business marketing.

Arielle Phillips
Class of 2018
Psychology Major
Real-World Experience Award recipient

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