During the four year program, each student will develop the attributes of an ethical leader with moral courage through the creation and implementation of a personal Leadership Plan.


The Ignite Student Leadership Development Program is aligned with the five core values of Alvernia University: Service, Humility, Contemplation, Collegiality, and Peacemaking.


The Ignite Student Leadership Development Program is a four year program that builds upon each year. Aligned with the mission of the University, the program supports the development of ethical leaders with moral courage. Using the five core values (service, humility, contemplation, collegiality, and peacemaking), students will engage with faculty, staff, and fellow students with a shared vision for leadership development. Students will participate in workshops that challenge them to think critically about leadership, and embark on their very own journeys as student leaders at Alvernia University.

The Four Year Model:

  • Year One: Learn to Lead
  • Year Two: Lead
  • Year Three: Help Others Learn to Lead
  • Year Four: Help Others Lead

Application & Selection:

  • Students interested in Ignite, may apply at any time through PAX.
  • Upper-Class & Transfer students may apply, and based on past experiences, will be placed in the appropriate Year of the program
  • A cohort of participants does start in Year One at the beginning of each Academic Year

Individual Leadership Plan:

  • Participants create an individual plan for their own personal leadership and involvement throughout their time in Ignite with the help of a mentor.
  • The Leadership Plan is created during the participant’s first Leadership Summit
  • The Leadership Plan allows participants to:
    • Think about passions & goals
    • Reflect on personal values and Alvernia’s Core Values
    • Discover their own leadership qualities
    • Create definitions for leadership, ethical leader, & moral courage
    • Create a leadership visions for their time at Alvernia

Involvement Beyond Ignite:

As part of the Ignite program, participants are encouraged to seek involvement beyond the Ignite program. We hope that participants will progressively become more involved in different activities, programs, and leadership positions around campus. Participants can discover involvement opportunities by attending the involvement fair, meeting with their Ignite Mentor, or meeting with a Student Activities staff member.

Leadership Summit:

The Leadership Summit is a student-run leadership conference designed to aid Alvernia University Ignite participants and Student Organization Representatives with their own development as student leaders on campus. Participants will engage with one another to create a shared vision for leadership development. Students will participate in educational sessions, teambuilding activities, and reflection to further develop their own skills and knowledge of leadership. This is a requirement for all Year One and Year Two Ignite Participants to attend, and is planned by participants in Year Three of the program.