Greg Chown Headshot
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Co-Associate Director of the Holleran Center for Health Sciences
Graduate Academic Coordinator


Dr. Chown is a tenured associate professor who joined Alvernia in 2010 as an adjunct lecturer, teaching courses in occupational therapy evaluations and analysis of theoretical concepts with a focus in orthopedics. In 2011 Dr. Chown became full time, teaching a variety of courses which include pathology, adapting and grading – high technology, research design, research report, research seminar, introduction to occupational therapy, community health care administration and organization, wellness and play, paradigms and theories and analysis of theoretical concepts. Throughout this time, Dr. Chown has been active in research along with chairing graduate thesis students. He has been involved with course development which including specialty certification in the use of physical agent modalities, development of high tech labs and renovations of the new occupational therapy wing. Dr. Chown has received Faculty Excellence and Innovation grants for course and clinical competencies development and publication. He is currently the Graduate Academic Coordinator for the entry-level occupatonal therapy students and an adjunct lecturer at Faculte' des Sciences de Rehabilitation de Leogane in Haiti.

Dr. Chown has been practicing as an occupational therapist with a focus in hand injuries and burns for 19 years. He began his clinical work at McMaster University Medical Center and Hamilton General Hospital in Canada with a focus in orthopedics. He then moved to Singapore practicing in hand injuries and trauma while working at Changi General Hospital (CGH). While at CGH Dr. Chown became the inpatient/outpatient hand therapy supervisor and was also active in research. He then transferred to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) specializing in burns and also became the inpatient occupational therapy supervisor with a continued interest in research. Dr. Chown moved to Reading, PA in August of 2007 and joined The Reading Health System working in outpatient occupational therapy hands and inpatient rehabilitation until 2016. Dr. Chown has provided lectures and presented research in Singapore, Haiti, China, South Korea, Australia, England, Scotland, Sweden, India and the United States and has published articles in the Journal of Burns, OT Practice, Open Journal of Occupational Therapy and journal of Health and Interprofessional Practice.