Bills & Invoices

Where can I go to view my bill?

Students can find their bill/invoice by logging into the myAlvernia Portal at myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts.

What is my outstanding balance?

The balance owed by a student reflects all charges (tuition, fees, room and board, etc.), less any financial aid applied to the student account and any payments made by the student, authorized payer or other third party sources.

Students can access the real-time balance owed by going to myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts.

Students can assign others as authorized payers. Detailed instructions available by signing into myAlvernia under Finances/Student Accounts (see documents).

Can I get an invoice for a specific semester?

Students can obtain a copy of their invoice for a specific semester by going to the myAlvernia Portal at myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts.New accordion content

My bill looks wrong.  Who can I speak with about my account?

If you are expecting financial aid monies, first check your latest Award Letter to verify the amount of aid you are scheduled to receive.  Because actual financial aid funds are not credited until the week before the start of a semester, you may be seeing only the estimated aid or nothing if you have not provided the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) with requested paperwork (i.e., copies of tax forms) or just recently applied for a federal or private student loan (approvals and school requirements can take up to 2 weeks depending on the time of year).

If you have not made your payment online, it can take 7-10 days for a mailed paper check to be received and credited to your account.

Should you still have questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Services either via email at or call 610.796.8201.

My employer pays for my classes. Can you bill them instead of me?

While a student’s employer may ultimately pay for classes, Alvernia students are directly responsible for assuring that their bills are fully paid.  Students can set up an employer as an authorized payer so their company can view and pay the bill electronically, if their company prefers.  However, most companies have their own set of requirements that they want employees/students to follow.

Do I need to file the current year FAFSA to be eligible for financial aid in Mod 6?

Yes – the summer semester which includes both Mod 5 and Mod 6 and is considered a trailing semester within the award year.  For example, the 2020-2021 FAFSA will need to be on file for students enrolled in the fall 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021 semesters and/or Mod 5 or Mod 6 only if the student wishes to apply for financial aid for those semesters or modules. Students enrolled in Mod 6 only and who may be aid eligible for financial aid must file the 2020-2021 FAFSA in this example.



What is the comprehensive fee?

The comprehensive fee is assessed to all Alvernia students for non-technology services and programs at the University, including but not limited to student activity programs and basic health services.  All students are required to pay this fee each term.

What is the technology fee?

Alvernia’s technology fee covers the costs of the academic and administrative platforms that help students manage their learning experience and related activities to optimize their paths to student success.  All students are required to pay this fee each term.

Is there a fee for late payment?

Whether opting for an installment payment plan to permit more time to pay off their balances or making a single payment for the semester, students are expected to pay their bills by the published due dates.  Unpaid balances are subject to a Late Payment Fee.  In addition, students whose balances remain unpaid may have a hold placed on the account preventing future registration and access to grades and transcripts.


Paying Your Bill

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, Alvernia’s preferred method is for students and authorized payers to utilize its on-line services through SmartPay to make safe and timely payments for semester charges.


Are there any fees for online payments?

Paying online via the e-check feature is free for a students or authorized payers.  You must type in your bank routing and account numbers (or save them in your personal profile for recurring use) to make your payment.  The bank routing number can be found in the lower left corner of your paper check, while the account number is located on the same line to the right of your routing number.


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You also can pay your bill with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).   However, all credit card payments are subject to a 2.75 percent service charge imposed by the credit card processing firm, which is not waivable or refundable by Alvernia.   

Where do I mail my payment?

While paying your bill online is faster, safer and free if you’re using our e-check feature, we realize that many individuals may be more comfortable mailing their payment to the University.  If you choose to mail a payment to Alvernia University, please remember to include your Alvernia ID number in the comment section of the check and send to:


Alvernia University

Student Financial Services

Francis Hall Room 203

400 Saint Bernardine Street

Reading, PA 19607


Payment Plans

How do I set up a payment plan?

Students can go to the myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts, then click on the option to establish a payment plan.  Your enrollment process will take less time if you have your reviewed your bill and financial aid award letter in advance and know the amount of tuition and fee charges you owe and how much financial aid you are scheduled to receive for the plan period (academic year or semester).  Ideally, the amount you want to pay through the installment payment plan is the difference between charges and any amounts you have already paid, like deposits, or expect to receive in financial aid monies, including net student loan proceeds.  Once you have calculated the amount to be paid, which assumes no changes in course registration or financial aid awards, you will pay in an equal number of installments for the plan period.


To enroll in Alvernia’s annual payment plan there is a $50 plan enrollment fee; to enroll in the semester payment plan, the enrollment fee is $30 per semester.


For additional information and to enroll in Alvernia’s payment plan go to myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts.

How do I change or adjust my payment plan?

Go to myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts to increase or decrease your plan amount.  Remember that changes in the total plan will impact your installment payments.

Why is my payment plan under budget?

If your financial aid award has been decreased, or you have added additional classes, added/changed room and/or meal plan, this may result in a change in the amount of tuition and fees that you owe, you will likely be under budget and still have a balance to Alvernia at the end of the plan. At any time, you can re-budget your payment plan to reflect the corrected amount owed.


Housing Charges

Is the housing deposit refundable?

Housing deposits are held in an escrow account until the student’s housing contract is fulfilled.  It may be returned to the student if s/he does not receive housing for the following year or decides not to return within the published housing selection deadlines.


Students who communicate after the housing selection process deadline will forfeit their deposits.


Under no circumstances are deposits returned if the student owes any outstanding balance to the University.

What is included in residential fees?

Residential fees include a bed (Room) in a specific residence hall and a selected meal plan (Board) chosen by the student.  Rates will vary based on the assigned residence hall and selected meal plan.

How is summer housing charged?

Summer housing is charged on a weekly basis and must be paid in full prior to the start of the fall semester. For more information, contact the residential life office at



When will I receive my refund check?

If your financial aid exceeds your total charges, a refund will automatically be processed within 7 to 10 business days of the disbursement of financial aid. E-refunds are usually deposited in your bank account within three (3) business days while a paper refund check can take up to ten (10) days to receive.


It is strongly recommended that students enroll for the direct deposit of refunds (e-refunds), which reduces processing and mailing time and allows you to access your funds faster. Detailed instructions on enrolling in E-refund  are available by logging into myAlvernia/Finances /Student Accounts (see documents).


Students wishing to apply their credit balance to next semester charges much provide the request in writing and may do so by emailing


Holds, Stops, & Collections

Why do I have a STOP on my account?

A STOP on a student’s account may be placed for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons may be due to an outstanding balance on the student account. Students receive sufficient time to receive and pay their bills, the STOP is a penalty imposed after payment deadline and short grace period. Sign into myAlvernia and select self-service and select either “register/online registration” or “grades/unofficial transcript” to review information regarding how the STOP is affecting the account.

My student account is with a collection agency.  How do I resolve my balance?

You should contact the collection agency directly to pay off your outstanding balance in full or discuss other payment options.  Students are given ample notice and time to resolve any outstanding balances due. Alvernia University staff are not permitted to negotiate new payment terms once your student account has been referred to a collection agency. 


Student Accounts