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This post is written by 4th year Occupational Therapy student  Career Development Peer Editor Kat Demaisip.


Alvernia Occupational Therapy student Kat Demaisip sitting on a park bench

During each spring semester, we ponder the possibilities of what the upcoming summer brings. Now more than ever, it seems like college students are eager to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. If you are looking for a sign to get a part-time job or internship for Summer 2021, this is it. Our experiences in the midst of the pandemic have taught us that time is invaluable. Therefore, we should use our time wisely and seek potential job and internship opportunities.


By initiating the search, we already take advantage of the time we have to build our skill sets. Transferable skills, abilities that can be utilized in multiple settings and occupations, are important in our professional development. Skills that you can develop while on the job include people-skills, time management, creativity, adaptability, leadership, and public speaking. These skills will assist you in establishing a solid foundation and edging closer to your future success. You will learn how to operate according to a set schedule, fulfill job responsibilities, and work with people of different ethnic and social backgrounds. The knowledge you gain as well as the connections you create can become information you add onto your professional documents, such as your resume and cover letter. The more you expose yourself to the opportunities around you, the more you learn about yourself and what your strengths and areas of improvement are.


Some ways that you can prepare for your job/internship search are by utilizing Handshake, an online career management system provided by the Office of Career Development. On this platform, you can find various full-time and internship opportunities in the local area and throughout the United States. You can also connect with recruiters and different organizations to discuss your career interests as well as attend virtual job fairs. QuadJobs, another career management system utilized by Alvernia, advertises part-time and temporary job opportunities. If you are looking to earn money while gaining some experience during the summer, this could be helpful to you. In addition to utilizing these resources, you can always schedule an appointment with Career Development. We can assist with refining your interviewing skills, editing your resume and cover letter, and promoting your professional development in many other ways. Chase the opportunities, explore your career interests, and further your professional development! We are here to help!

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