Project Management Certificate Program Alvernia University

O'Pake Institute Project Management Certificate


Project management is essential to any business as it paves the way for leadership, vision, motivation, and inspiring one's team to do their best work. This 9-week course will teach you how to serve your team by effectively leading and managing projects, and ensuring clear lines of accountability. Additional skills taught include, but are not limited to, learning how to define what the ultimate goal of any project is, ensuring each member of your team knows their part, and being able to clearly understand how one team member affects other team members. Overall, the course will guide you through your managerial role, and prepare you to navigate obstacles that prevent team members from getting their tasks completed.


Registration in this certificate program will include weekly zoom meetings for 9 weeks, recordings of each of the sessions for your convenience and flexibility, as well as extra resources and information on Check back soon for upcoming start dates. 

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