Athletic Training Student Association

The purpose of the association is to promote the profession of Athletic Training to the Alvernia University student body and staff, to enable members to become better acquainted through a variety of professional and social activities, to provide educational services and resources to athletic training students and the general community, and to provide community service projects to members in an effort to better both Alvernia University community and the Reading community.


  1. To educate athletic training students and the Alvernia University student body, staff, and local community members on current athletic training services
  2. To form tutoring and study sessions for those in the athletic training major or those who plan to join the athletic training program at Alvernia University.
  3. To organize events that will educate the community about athletic training as well as provide funds for professional conventions
  4. To find and create leadership and team building opportunities for the members of the association
  5. To improve recognition of the relatively new athletic training major at Alvernia University.


Dr. Kimberly Stoudt, Ed. D, LAT, ATC, NREMT-B, EMT-T
Assistant Professor, Clinical Education Coordinator
Phone: 610.796.8335