“ I am thankful for receiving the scholarship because it has given me the opportunity to explore, grow, and learn more about myself all while giving me a great support system to keep me motivated and pushing forward.” –Kirsy, Accounting, Class of 2020


" The best thing about being a scholar is the friendships created and the guidance of others through the process.  We have been gifted the ability to succeed." -Kayleen, Healthcare Administration, Class of 2022


"I am thankful for receiving the scholarship because the scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to take that first step in chasing my dreams; that first step in earning a degree in the communication field." -Khalil, Communications, Class of 2020


“ I am thankful for the scholarship because it gives me an opportunity to pursue my academic career debt free. I consider that a blessing not only for myself but my family as well because they do not need to worry about my college tuition being paid since the Reading Collegiate Scholars Program has helped out extremely! I am very thankful for the scholarship and so is my family.” –Joel, Accounting, Class of 2022


" I am thankful for receiving the scholarship because it has provided me with many opportunities within Alvernia and throughout the community.  I have formed relationships that I would not have otherwise because of this opportunity, which has made my time at Alvernia more enjoyable." -Tyler, Occupational Therapy, Class of 2023



“ Being a scholar means the capability to continue learning and self-improving” – Justin, Accounting, Class of 2021



“ The best part about being a Reading Collegiate Scholar is connecting with all the people that are part of the program including the scholars. They have pushed me to be better and taught me so much about myself. Also, the opportunity to become a leader in my community and school.” –Bianca, Math, Class of 2020




President Flynn with RCSP Students at Gala
Reading Collegiate Scholars
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Reading Collegiate Scholars Program Manager
Holleran Center for Community and Global Engagement
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