Reading Collegiate Scholars Profile


  • Seven of the ten scholars are first generation college students.
  • Both parents of the three who are not first generation graduated from college.
  • Two of their mothers and three of their fathers had only an elementary school education.
  • Other than those with a college degree, five mothers and three fathers have graduated from high school.
  • Their SAT scores range from 890 to 1320; the average is 1031 and the midpoint is 1000
  • Their GPAs range from 3.24 to 4.00. Their average GPA is 3.62
  • Two scholars are Nursing majors; two are Criminal Justice majors; three are pursuing other majors in professional degree programs and three are Arts and Science majors.
  • Six said that they studied an hour for each of their classes; three said that they studied two hours and one said that he studied more than two hours.


  • Six scholars are living with their mother and father; three are living only with their mother and one is living with her grandparents and cousins.
  • Five scholars have one or two siblings living with them; four have three or more siblings; and one has no siblings.
  • In six of their homes, Spanish is the primary or only language spoken; in four homes English is the primary language and in one of those homes, it is the only language spoken.
  • Three have some sort of family obligation, such as providing transportation or child care.
  • Two of the scholars are 19, two of the scholars will be 17 at the start of the academic year, the remainder are 18.  

Work and School

  • Two scholars will be living on campus.
  • Only three scholars currently have a driver’s license.
  • Eight of the scholars intend to have a job while attending college. Two others are undecided about holding a job while in school. None of them have ruled out holding a job. Nine of the scholars would prefer a work study job if possible; one prefers to keep her current off-campus job.
  • They all want to work to help pay their college bills. Several are also working for the experience. Two need to work to help support their families.
  • They anticipate working between 10 and 20 hours a week.

Financial Aid

  • Five of the scholars have no expected family contribution (EFC) to support their education, meaning they are full need students.
  • Two have an EFC of less than $1,000; one has an EFC between $1,000 and $3,000; one has an EFC between $3,000 and $5,000 and one has an EFC over $5,000.
  • Four scholars have ruled out using loans to finance their college education; four have applied for their loans and two are still undecided about using loans.
  • Four scholars have scholarships from other sources to help with the cost of college.


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