Reading Collegiate Scholars Compact



Students selected for the Alvernia Reading Collegiate Scholars Program, in addition to scholarship assistance, receive a number of support services. At the same time, participation in the program comes with expectations about those students in terms of their commitment to the program and to the University.

The underlying concept of the Alvernia Reading Collegiate Scholars program is that each entering group of scholars is a cohort, progressing through their experience at Alvernia as a group, supporting each other in their academic careers. It therefore requires a commitment not just to the group, but to the experience that that cohort shares during their time at Alvernia.

Expectations of the Alvernia Reading Collegiate Scholars:

  • In exchange for scholarship assistance from the University, each scholar who is eligible to do so, will annually file their FAFSA application and PHEAA grant applications by May 1st in order to qualify for all appropriate state and federal need based assistance.
  • Scholars will maintain a cumulative 2.5 grade point average at the end of each academic year during their time at Alvernia.
  • Scholars will participate in the Summer Bridge Program. If a student is unable to participate in a component of this program, he or she shall make arrangements to complete the component missed. If the student is unable to participate in the Summer Bridge program or fails to complete a significant portion of the program, he or she will not be eligible to participate in the cohort.
  • Each cohort of scholars will be assigned a faculty mentor. Each cohort will meet at least monthly throughout the academic year with their faculty mentor, either as a group or individually. The faculty mentor shall work with the cohort to develop programming that supports the members of the cohort in their adjustment to college, in promoting co-curricular learning opportunities, in cohort educational programming and in assisting members of the cohort in developing skills necessary to ensure academic success. The faculty mentor will work with each scholar’s academic adviser. Scholars shall allow the faculty mentor to have access to their academic records as necessary. Each scholar must attend at least one lecture, performance, film screening or other campus based co-curricular event each semester and report their attendance to their faculty mentor.
  • Each member of a cohort will be assigned a community mentor. Each scholar will meet with their community mentor at least monthly. The community mentor will provide personal counseling and advice to their assigned scholar, shall assist the scholar in finding internships, with career planning and in their job search at the completion of their college career. In the spring of each academic year, scholars will meet with Career Development Staff and their community mentor to explore summer employment and internship opportunities.
  • Scholars may be asked to participate in meetings or other activities with donors who have supported the Reading Collegiate Scholar.
  • Scholars shall maintain communications with their faculty mentor, their faculty adviser and the RCSP College Success program coordinator. The scholars will seek assistance from these individuals, the Educational Planning Center and the Health and Wellness Center as necessary.
  • Each scholar will be expected to participate in at least one university sanctioned service program or opportunity each semester. 
  • Scholars will plan at least one group exercise or meeting each academic year which will focus on leadership development, teambuilding or dialogue about an issue of importance to the group.
  • In their junior and/or senior year, each scholar will be expected to participate in some element of programming for the Reading Collegiate Scholars Program with the Olivet’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club.
  • Upon completion of their academic career, it is anticipated that each scholar will return the investment made them by serving the community in which they reside.

It is anticipated that each Alvernia Reading Collegiate will complete these program requirements.


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