The Real World Learning Award is intended to assist students with expenses related to experiences such as study abroad, study away, alternative breaks, non-SURF related research, internships, and academic conferences. The following is a list of items deemed appropriate for reimbursement by the Real World Learning Committee. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a guide to help determine eligible expenses.


Program Fees

*Proof of registration and/or receipt required

Study abroad, study away, program or conference registration which may include program participation, lodging, travel or other expenses.


Travel Expenses

*All receipts are required for reimbursement

  • Airline tickets – (If flying independently and not participating in an Alvernia University sponsored trip) Paper or e-ticket receipts/invoices must contain the following: Passenger Name, Date(s) of Travel; Origin/Destination of Travel; Fare Basis (economy or coach is required), Ticket Amount, Ticket Number, & Credit Card Number charged. Please note that a credit card statement or receipt alone is not sufficient documentation to support airfare expenses.
  • Taxi/Uber/LYFT fares - tips must be noted on the receipt for reimbursement
  • Rental car for travel over 50 miles round trip
  • Public transportation including bus, train, subway, or metro pass
  • The use of a parking garage or metered parking
  • Gas mileage will be reimbursed when necessary.  Applicants must submit an expense report for mileage, as well as, a travel map of their trip.



*All receipts are required for reimbursement

  • When meals are not prearranged or provided by an Alvernia University sponsored trip, reasonably priced meals will be reimbursed -tips must be indicated on the receipt for reimbursement
  • Alvernia University will not reimburse for alcoholic beverages



*All receipts are required for reimbursement

  • When lodging is not prearranged or provided by an Alvernia University sponsored trip, the student should use sound judgment to obtain accommodations at a reasonable rate and are encouraged to share rooms when appropriate
  • Lodging expenses shall be reimbursed for basic room rate and applicable taxes
  • Incidental charges to the room, such as room service, movies, internet charges, and other additional service will not be reimbursed


Miscellaneous Supplies

*All receipts are required for reimbursement

Supplies related to research that are required for the student to conduct and collect experiment results. Examples include but are not limited to: specialized equipment and tools, chemicals, and external lab review of samples


Prohibited Reimbursement

  • Alcohol and controlled substances
  • Fines for parking or traffic violations
  • Charges resulting in a traveler’s failure to cancel guaranteed reservations
  • Personal purchases or services
  • Expenses incurred by family members, travel companions, or others who accompany student on travel
  • Wages lost or unearned as a result of participation in an Alvernia University Real World Experience

Real World Learning Awards