Enroll in classes without earning a degree.

Alvernia University's non-degree option is designed to meet the needs of students with specific and defined educational goals, which may include personal or professional enrichment, exploration of new fields, or preparation for career changes. It's also for students who wish to take courses at Alvernia, but do not plan to be formally accepted to a degree program.

To find out what courses are available for this option, a student can obtain a list of courses from Graduate and Adult Education. Please note that students who wish to take a course as a non-degree student must meet the prerequisites for the course and obtain the approval of the admissions coordinator or Dean. Also, the Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership is not a part of the non-degree option.

A student must submit a completed registration form, with signed approval by the admissions coordinator or Dean, to Graduate and Adult Education. Forms without the required signatures will not be accepted for registration.

Please contact the Graduate Coordinator by email or by telephone at 610.796.8296 to obtain course schedules, fees and other relevant material.


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