Academic Success Center Supplemental Instruction Leader



Responsibilities include:

  • Attend all class meetings of the selected course, take notes, and read all assigned materials including text(s) an supplemental readings
  • Conduct at least two-three 50-minute study sessions per week throughout the term using strategies learned through the SI Leader training workshop
  • Regularly meet with SI Supervisor for debrief sessions to discuss observations of the SI sessions, to discuss the planning of SI sessions and use a wide variety of learning strategies and to discuss problems or potential problems
  • Assist SI Supervisor in training other SI Leader, if/when necessary
  • Behave in a professional Manner at all times
  • Provide extra SI sessions and/or marathon sessions as necessary (e.g., prior to examinations
  • Ascertain course requirements and maintain contact throughout the term with course faculty member or designated representative
  • Meet with other campus SI Leaders and SI Supervisor at scheduled staff meetings
  • Complete necessary personnel paperwork
  • Attend SI Leader training workshops prior to the beginning of each term
  • Work with SI Supervisor to select appropriate times and scheduling of SI sessions
  • Make periodic announcements about the availability of the SI sessions to the students
  • Ensure that the initial SI Survey, Midterm SI Feedback Survey, and End-of-Course Survey are distributed and assist with data analysis
  • Collect attendance data for every SI session, including student names, course title, date, and time of session
  • Assist SI Supervisor in the preparation of the end-of term reports and other reports as requested
  • Maintain a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints
  • Maintain regular work hours

Job qualifications:

  • A grade of B+ or better in the course assigned
  • GPA of 3.0 overall and 3.5 in the major
  • Content competency (to be determined by faculty member) is required
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills are required
  • In good standing with the university

To apply complete the online application, which is posted on the Academic Success Center PAX Site by clicking on the following link:


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