Students interested in law school need to develop skills in critical thinking, decision-making, writing and analytical ability, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). Law schools take students from all majors. Across the country the most popular majors for students wanting to go to law school are political science, philosophy, history, English, economics, sociology, and criminal justice/criminology. Students who major in math and the sciences tend to score well on the LSAT admissions exam.

At Alvernia, pre-law students benefit from thoughtful mentoring and sound advice from faculty advisors. To begin, students should talk about their interest in law school with Alvernia's pre-law faculty advisors in Political Science, Business and Criminal Justice. Relevant coursework includes Law & Ethics, Logic, American Government, Constitutional Law, Law and Ethics of Mass Communication, Business Law, Employment Law and Criminal Law, to name a few. An internship experience at The Washington Center, with a state senator or local attorney, for example, helps students identify particular areas of study as they consider a career in law. Participation in the Honors program and mock trials provide leadership opportunities that create a compelling law school application.


Victoria Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of the Alvernia Honors Program

Francis Hall, 406



Mary Ellen Wells, JD, LLM

Associate Professor of Business




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