POS 101 Introduction to Political Science

Introduction to politics and political theory; presentation of general information about various political systems. Focus is on the central question in politics-the quest for justice in society.

POS 111 American Democratic Government

Description and analysis of the basic institutions and political process of the American federal government.

POS 212 Comparative Politics

Examination of governmental systems and politics around the world in a comparative view. Focus is on the importance and role of institutions in determining policy outcomes.

POS 221 American Political Parties

Study of the two party system. Emphasis on voting behavior, campaign techniques, party organization, and the party as an organizer of governmental power.

POS 225 Contemporary World Affairs

Study of contemporary issues in international relations and foreign policy. Focus is on international relations since 1945, current events, and significant international crises. Exposure to basic theories of international relations. Other topics include international law and organizations, international economics, and war and peace.\

POS 317 The Presidency

Historical perspective of presidency as an American institution; a study of duties and responsibilities of 20th Century presidency.

POS 318 The Legislative Process

Analysis of history, composition and responsibilities of the American Congress and various state governments in the matter of legislation.

POS 331 Constitutional Law

Introduction to U.S. Constitution and major cases that have come before Supreme Court. Helps student understand role of the Constitution in the economy as well as its role as protector of the rights and liberties of the people of the United States. Course examines dynamic character of Constitutional interpretation in our nation’s history.

POS 408 American Foreign Policy

How is American foreign policy made? What priorities are evidenced in American foreign policy? These questions are addressed in this course, which focuses on contemporary American foreign policy. The course emphasizes the role of process in determining foreign policy outcomes. Specific current policies are evaluated, focusing on questions of ethical or moral responsibility and obligation.

POS 424 History of Political Thought

Focuses on the enduring questions of politics-what is justice and how can we attain it for ourselves and our societies? What is the proper relationship of the individual to the state? This course is an in-depth study of political thought through the ages, requiring direct text readings and critical analysis of the ideas that have shaped political theory.

POS 425 Research Seminar

Intensive study in research methodology. Student work culminates in a major research paper.

POS 430 Internship (credit varies)

Students are encouraged to engage the world of politics through a practical field experience. Depending on the hours worked, students can earn between 3 and 12 credits for an internship. Although students may choose to do more than one internship for less than 12 credits, the maximum number of internship credits that may be applied to the

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