B.S. in Mathematics Overview


Mathematics is one of Alvernia's highest paying and most sought after majors. (Glassdoor article.) Furthermore, math majors consistently score very high on entrance exams for medical school and law school. (MCAT scores and LSAT scores.) The math major will give you critical thinking, quantitative, and analytical skills that are in high demand by employers.


Our class sizes are capped at 24 for lower-level courses, but they are typically much lower in upper-level courses. Although our math major is content-heavy, it is credit-light. You will have the flexibility to pick up a minor or even a second major. Computer science and physics courses mesh particularly well with a math major. In recent years, some of our math majors have double-majored in more distant subjects such as accounting and chemistry.


Careers in Mathematics

Previous graduates have gone onto graduate school (in math and other fields), have procured industry jobs, and have taught at high schools and middle schools.


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All Alvernia students must successfully complete a minimum of 123 semester credits to complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree.

The major requires 53 credits (or 56 if Precalculus is needed.)

Required Courses:

  • MAT 131: Precalculus Mathematics (if needed)
  • MAT 204: Intro to Mathematical Logic
  • MAT 209: Probability and Statistics
  • MAT 230: Calculus I
  • MAT 231: Calculus II
  • MAT 232: Calculus III
  • MAT 240: Linear Algebra
  • MAT 401: Real Analysis
  • MAT 415: Mathematics Seminar
  • MAT 420: Abstract Algebra

Electives (choose four course):

  • MAT 304: Numerical Analysis
  • MAT 308: Modern Geometry
  • MAT 310: Topology
  • MAT 322: Differential Equations
  • MAT 324: Graph Theory
  • MAT 350: Complex Variables
  • SCI 305: Undergraduate Research

Related requirements:

  • CS 155: Intro to Object-Oriented Programming
  • PHY 200: Physics I
  • PHY 220: Physics II


A minor in mathematics is available. Five course are needed:

  • MAT 209: Probability & Statistics
  • MAT 230: Calculus I
  • three additional MAT courses at the 200-level or above
Experiential Learning 

Through internships, students have opportunities to apply theories and knowledge learned in the classroom in a variety of professional settings. In addition to providing exposure to the activities and expectations of a real-world workplace, internship experiences help students develop their network of professional contacts.

Research Opportunities 

All majors have the opportunity to present work done in their senior seminar at the annual HECBC conference. At least one math major has been awarded a SURF grant every summer since 2018. Some exceptional undergraduates have published papers in peer-reviewed journals with math professors. Students in the Honors Program can base their honors thesis on research conducted with our faculty.


To determine the cost of this program, please visit our Tuition page.  For a personalized estimate, please contact an admissions counselor at 610-790-8269 or at admissions@alvernia.edu.

Financial Aid

Alvernia offers loan, grants, scholarships, and payment plans. Our admissions counselors can help you identify the aid that is available to you and for your program. For more information, visit our Financial Aid page.


All programs offered by Alvernia University are approved by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.



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