Some students have it all figured out. Others would rather explore their options. The liberal studies major can fulfill the needs of both.

By creating an interdisciplinary program of study, the liberal studies major allows students to build specialized programs to meet their educational goals. For example, liberal studies majors can create programs that combine majors such as mathematics and political science or marketing and psychology. With faculty mentors in two disciplines, students choose liberal studies so they can pursue their interests and career aspirations.


While specialized skills may become obsolete very quickly, students who design a liberal studies program graduate with the capacity to become lifelong learners outside of the classroom. Liberal studies majors can either create a program to launch a specific career or explore topics to lay the foundation for further studies in graduate school and beyond. Usually these studies are cutting-edge, preparing the student to deftly navigate our rapidly changing global economy.


Students work with faculty in their departments of interest to create specialized programs of study and identify the courses and experiences that will equip them well for dynamic careers.

All Alvernia students must successfully complete a minimum of 123 credits to receive a Bachelor degree, and liberal studies majors must complete 37 credits in their programs of interest. 

Bachelor’s Degree: 37 credits

  • Before earning 75 credits, students should declare their intention to pursue the liberal studies major, submit a rationale for their program of studies and identify courses that will constitute their program.
  • This proposal must be approved by the two department chairs* who have agreed to sponsor the major. An advisor will be appointed from one of the departments.
  • A minimum of 15 credits must be taken in each of the two departments or programs. A minimum of 18 credits must be taken at the 300/400 level.
  • Students must complete a one-credit capstone course, COL 400, supervised by their advisor.
  • All major requirements are in addition to those required by the university’s general education SEARCH program.

*If the two areas of study are within the same department, then the department chair and a faculty member who teaches in one of the specific areas are asked to approve the proposal.

For more information about the Alvernia Liberal Studies Program, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 1-888-ALVERNIA, 610-796-8269 or admissions@alvernia.edu.

Division Contacts

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Liberal Studies