As long as there have been human beings, there has been art.  Art brings beauty to our surroundings through creative expression of emotion. Music is a universal language that forms gates of communication across cultures.  Theater opens our hearts to the experiences of people in situations outside of our routine life.  The Arts awaken our imaginations and encourage intellectual and emotional reflection. Most would argue that the arts are essential – that they are part of the very core of humanity.

Art, Music, and Theatre are versatile minors which, in conjunction with your major, can prepare you for a variety of rewarding careers. The knowledge and skills you’ll develop through a minor in the arts will complement your major and make you a viable and competitive candidate for jobs.

Alvernia graduates who minor in the arts find jobs as performers, counselors, researchers, teachers, business managers and journalists. Some work as graphic designers, for newspapers or magazines, for theaters or non-profit organizations. Some have started their own businesses, while others choose to work in the public sector.

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Alvernia offers a minor in art that provides students with the foundation needed to perceive and uniquely express their knowledge about the world. The study of art prepares students for independent critical thinking and provides inspiration for personal creativity. Basic skills acquired relate to all areas of curriculum and professional endeavors, and a minor in art may be well suited to students majoring in communication, education, general studies, history, marketing, occupational therapy or psychology. Courses in digital art have been added to the program.  All Art minors must successfully complete 21 credits.

The following categories are required for the Art Minor, Students must have one from each foundational skill set (Drawing, Color Theory, 3D Design, Digital Design, Art History), plus 6 credits of art electives. Prerequisites my be required for 200 level course or higher.

Drawing: Art 101, ART 115, ART 124, ART 201

Color Theory; ART 103, ART 208, ART 308, ART 340

3-Dimensional Design: ART 106, ART 251

Digital Design: ART 130, ART 222, ART 230, ART 235, ART 281, ART 319

ART History: ART 215, ART 217


Music offerings seek to serve students by presenting the basics of music and the relationship of music to other areas of human endeavor. Skills courses seek to develop the student as a performer to foster self-expression and enjoyment of the art of music. Performance groups include chorus, band and ensembles.  A student pursuing another discipline may choose electives to form a music minor.  All Music minors must successfully complete 18 credits.

All music minors must complete:

MUS 135 Music Theory
MUS 235 Harmony
MUS 051 Private Instruction ( 3 credits repeatable)
MUS 010 Chorus – OR – MUS 020 Instrumental Ensemble ( 3 credits repeatable)

Choose 2 courses from any other music offerings.


You can learn more about all courses offered by Alvernia University by viewing the Academic Course Catalogue.

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