The primary focus of the English program is the study and appreciation of literature. A traditional liberal arts major, English has always offered its students opportunities for self-knowledge and growth as they explore the ideas of great writers of the past and present. However, the English major is also a practical choice. Because English courses encourage critical thinking, clear writing, and effective communication, students electing this major often choose careers in teaching, law, management, journalism, library science, government service and other fields. The English program also offers students the opportunity to prepare for graduate study.

Major Courses Required:

Complete at least 39 credits according to one of the following sequences:

English Major Sequence:

ENG 202, 302 or 303, 406. 3 credits of intensive study of a major writer or period; 6 credits each in British, American and world literature; and 9 credits of electives in literature and communication.

English Secondary Education Certification:

Secondary Education (7-12) Certification in English can be earned by Alvernia students who first complete thier undergraduate degree in English and demonstrate content knowledge in this area on Pennsylvania's required Praxis exam in English. The following coursework is required and can be started as early as the undergradate senior year, then completed as part of Alvernia University's post-baccalaureate program: ED 203, 204; MED 505, 515, 545, 574, 615, 665, 670, 672.

English Minor:

Students majoring in other fields, particularly those in which communication skills are valuable assets, may wish to consider an English minor attained by completing the following:
18 credits in English and/or Communication with a maximum of 6 credits in Communication. COM 100 and 101 cannot be applied toward the minor.

Seniors may not register for a 100 level English or Communication course without the permission of the Department Chair.