ENG 103 (3 credits) 
Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to the basic forms of poetry, surveying primarily British and American poets of the last three centuries.

ENG 106 (3 credits) 
Short Story

Introduction to the short story genre through a critical and analytical interpretation of selected stories from world literature.

ENG 202  (3 credits) 
Critical Approaches to Literature

Basic study of literature using a variety of critical approaches to interpret major works in world literature.

ENG 203 (3 credits) Early American Poetry

Study of early American poetry from Colonial period through 19th century. Poets include Taylor, Bryant, Poe, Emerson, Whitman, Melville, Dickinson, Crane and others.

ENG 204 (3 credits) 
Modern American Poetry

Study of selected American poets of 20th Century, including Frost, Eliot, Stevens, Cummings, Wilbur, among others.

ENG 205 (3 credits)
 Early British Literature

Study of early British literature before the eighteenth century, including Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare (poetry), Jonson, Donne and Milton.

ENG 206 (3 credits) 
Modern British Poetry

Select British poets of Modern period.

ENG 207 (3 credits) 
Contemporary Fiction and Drama

Study of selected short novels, stories and plays drawn from world literature of the last 30 years. This course fulfills the human diversity graduation requirement.

ENG 209 (3 credits) Adolescent Literature

The study of literature for young adults, with a particular emphasis on how to teach such works in the middle and secondary schools. Course is restricted to students majoring in Education or English or with permission of instructor.

ENG 213 (3 credits) 
Modern Drama

Study of the major trends in the 19th and 20th centuries with a concentration upon representative American, British, and continental dramatists.

ENG 216 (3 credits) 
Women in Literature

Study of the varying images of women as portrayed in writing by and about women. Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated under different topics. This course fulfills the human diversity graduation requirement.

ENG 302 (3 credits)
 Shakespeare: Histories and Comedies

Study of Shakespeare’s development as a writer of historical dramas and comedies.

ENG 303 (3 credits)
 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances

Study of Shakespeare’s development as a writer of tragedies and romances.

ENG 304 (3 credits) Satire and Sentiment

Exploring drama, fiction, and poetry by major eighteenth-century writers, including Dryden, Sheridan, Defoe, Pope, Swift and Dr. Johnson.

ENG 305 (3 credits)
 Early American Fiction

Analysis of trends in American prose literature with emphasis on significant novelists and short story writers from early 19th century to 1900.

ENG 306 (3 credits) 
Modern American Fiction

Study of significant American novelists and short story writers from 1920s to the present, including Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Salinger, Heller and others.

ENG 307 (3 credits)
 The English Novel

Development of the novel as a genre, with emphasis on selected British novelists of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

ENG 309 (3 credits)
 World Literature

Study of world literature in translation, excluding American and British works. This course fulfills the human diversity graduation requirement.

ENG 310 (3 credits)
 Modern Novel

Study of selected novels from world literature to illustrate techniques and developments in the genre in the modern period.

ENG 321 (3 credits)
 Ethics and Tragedy

Study of ethics in context of tragic literature. Focus on Aristotle’s understanding of the ethical content of tragedy by examining connections between his works on moral psychology (Ethics, Rhetoric) and his analysis of tragedy in the Poetics. Readings also include plays of Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare, Racine and others.

ENG 355 (3 credits) Theatre History

A comprehensive study of the history of theatre from its origins through the Renaissance.  Cross-listed with COM 366 and THR 355.

ENG 356 (3 credits) Theatre History II

A comprehensive study of the history of theatre from the neo-Classical era through today. Cross-listed with COM 356 and THR 356.

ENG 401 (3 credits) 
Romantic and Victorian Writers

Study of major poets and prose writers of the British Romantic and Victorian periods.

ENG 404 (3 credits)
 History of the English Language

Study of English language with emphasis on exploring its historical and structural development, including grammar and semantics. Students also study basic linguistics. This course includes the study of early English literature and counts as a literature elective for the core requirement.

ENG 406 (3 credits) 
Research Seminar

Concentration on a research area selected by consultation with the academic adviser. Required of English majors.