Gain experience and build your professional network through participation in the education student organizations.

Education Student Association

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Chrystine Mitchell

Best Buddies

Faculty Advisor

Lucinda Schaeffer, M.Ed.

Pi Lambda Theta

Pi Lambda Theta is one of the nation's most prestigious education honor societies.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Chrystine Mitchell

Take advantage of scholarships and awards for education students.

Outstanding Education Major Award

This award is presented to a graduating senior who demonstrates the greatest accomplishment in their education program.

Outstanding Student Teacher Award

This award is presented to the graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the field.

Emma Yoh Award

This award is presented to an outstanding education student who consistently demonstrates professionalism and exhibits the core Franciscan values
 within the dispositions necessary for the teaching profession. 


The scholarships for education students include: 

  • Dr. Nan Hamberger Scholarship
  • Dr. Jim Sutton Scholarship
  • Ellen Engler Scholarship

Education Programs

Student volunteer reading at Millmont Elementary
The Education Student Association
seeks to provide its student members with opportunities to enrich their university experience and prepare them for careers in education. The Education Association hosts guest lecturers, special activities coinciding with university-sponsored events and special events that enable participants to gain knowledge and skills specific to the education field.