Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the University must be met before students are able to declare Athletic Training as their major. Upon completion of the criteria listed below, students must then apply for acceptance to the Program.

  • Completion of at least 24 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50.  Courses must include AT 101, 113, 222; BIO 107, 108, 117, 118.  (Department chair of the courses taken and program director of athletic training must approve comparable course work for transfer students).

  • Documentation of 50 directed observation clinical hours.

  • Formal application and essay, two recommendation forms and a grade of “C” or better in all courses mentioned above.

  • Approval of the faculty athletic training selection committee. Entry is limited on a space-available basis.

  • Completion of Technical Standards

Selection criteria for admission into the Athletic Training Program are available in the Athletic Training office and the Athletic Training Student Policies and Procedures Manual.
Selection criteria include the following (based on selection criteria utilized, a total of 12 points can be accumulated):

1. Overall GPA – Maximum of 4 points
        GPA                   POINTS
        3.5 to 4.0             4      
        3.0 to 3.49           3
        2.5 to 2.99           2
        (Under 2.5 GPA – Not eligible to apply to the program)
2. GPA for BIO 107, 108, 117, 118; AT 101, 113, 222 – Maximum of 4 points
        GPA                   POINTS
        3.5 to 4.0             4
        3.0 to 3.49           3
        2.5 to 2.99           2
        2.0 to 2.49           1        
3. Formal Application and Essay – Maximum of 2 points

Points are determined utilizing specific criteria located and available in the Athletic Training Office. (Expression of ideas and understanding of the field of athletic training will be the major theme of focus evaluated in the essay.)

4. Two Recommendation Forms – Maximum of 2 points (1 point each)

Maximum score on each recommendation = 70                 
       57 – 70 = 1 point
       43 – 56 = .8 points
       29 – 42 = .6 points
       15 – 28 = .4 points
       < 15    = .2 points
Admissions grievances: Student Grievance Policy is included in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.
Acceptance in the program allows students to continue with the athletic training curriculum. Students admitted into the athletic training program must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Students falling below these levels are reviewed by the program director and placed on probation or possibly dismissed from the program.
When students are formally admitted into the athletic training program, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtain a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance form (ACT 151), a Criminal History Record Check (ACT 34), and an FBI Criminal Clearance (ACT 114).   All clearances are required upon acceptance into the program and must be renewed yearly.  Clearances must be completed prior to beginning any clinical hours - clinical hours begin in the sophomore year.  Students must also complete the Background Checks Notification form.

  • Submit a completed health record to the Health & Wellness Center, and complete the Authorization to Release Medical Information form.

  • Obtain specific immunizations which includes: a Two-step TB Test, Diptheria/Tetanus Booster, Measles, Mumps and Rubella and series of Hepatitis B vaccinations, and a Pneumococcal vaccine or waiver.

  • Required yearly influenza vaccine or documented refusal.

  • Obtain yearly Bloodborne Pathogens and OSHA training and complete the Communicable Disease Policy.

  • Maintain current certification in CPR and First Aid.

  • Provide transportation for clinical experience off-campus (public or private).

  • Provide proof of current health insurance.

 Sophomore Students

Must complete a minimum of 50 hours and a maximum of 75 hours as part of AT 250 and a minimum of 50 hours and a maximum of 75 hours in AT 251 working under the supervision of a Preceptor at Alvernia University.

Students entering their clinical rotations must:

  • Provide transportation for clinical experience off-campus (public or private).

  • Must have a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 34), a Criminal History Check (Act 151), and an FBI Criminal History Check on file.

  • Have a completed health record on file at the Health & Wellness Center

Progression Policies

Achievement of a “C” or better in each athletic training (AT) course. Students may repeat/delete only one athletic training (AT) course throughout the athletic training program.

Students who receive a grade of less than a “C” in an athletic training course may not progress in athletic training courses for which that course is a prerequisite.
Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students are encouraged to view the Athletic Training Program requirements. Consultation with the admissions department and the program director is required.

A student who transfers to Alvernia University with the intent to pursue Athletic Training as a major must start in the Pre-Professional Phase of the major. In addition, the transfer student must complete at least one full semester in the Pre-Professional Phase. To be eligible for acceptance into the Professional Phase, the student must complete the Professional Phase and all other requirements for graduation from Alvernia University.

Acceptance or non-acceptance of transfer courses to Alvernia in place of the following courses will be at the discretion of the Alvernia University Registrar in consultation with the Athletic Training program director: any course that has the AT prefix, BIO 107, BIO 108, BIO 117, BIO 118, BIO 211, and BIO 216. Students seeking transfer credit for any of these courses may be asked to demonstrate the appropriate cognitive and psychomotor knowledge, skills, and abilities by passing a comprehensive exam. Should the Registrar and the Program Director determine that any Athletic Training courses/credits taken previously will not transfer, the prospective transfer student may be required to remediate the course work at Alvernia. All courses at Alvernia with an AT prefix that are 300-level or higher, and the related clinical education experiences must be taken at Alvernia University. For more information regarding these requirements, please contact the program director.

Contact Information

Dr. Tom Franek, PhD, LAT, ATC Program Director
Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Plex 008
Phone: 610-796-3012

Athletic Training