Expectations of Honors Students

Classes in Alvernia’s Honors Program encourage greater initiative and independence, deeper learning, and closer collaboration between honors students and faculty than in regular courses. This does not necessarily mean more work for honors students than for others, but it does mean a different kind of work, and often leads to more individual attention from the professor than in a typical class. Students and professors alike will notice a difference in the quality of work required and produced rather than its quantity.

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.3 at graduation
  • Successful completion of the First Year Honors Seminar (may be waived for students who enter the program after the first semester)
  • 3 additional Honors Courses
  • Successful completion of a 6-credit Honors Thesis
  • A resume and description of time spent at Alvernia and in the Honors Program

Honors Contact Information

Victoria Williams, Ph.D.

Director of Honors Program

Francis Hall 406



Honors Program