Five Year Curriculum


The five-year Bachelor of Science in Health Science and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy sample curriculum is listed below. With 124 credits of undergraduate and 32 credits of graduate courses, you'll build the necessary background for your graduate study in occupational therapy.

After an extensive process involving the review of the latest trends in occupational therapy education, guiding documents published by the professions, and after consulting with external experts, the occupational therapy curriculum was revised to meet the challenges of a changing profession. The curriculum adopted has a two plus three format and includes course work in the major areas of occupational therapy practice. The curriculum emphasizes the use of occupational as a means of therapeutic intervention, critical thinking to solve problems in living, and ethical values as the core of professional development.

The Occupational Therapy faculty uses various course formats to help you learn, including case studies, lecture/discussion, group projects and simulation exercises to ensure what you gain in one course will reinforce and build on what you learn in others.

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  • OT Curriculum with New Gen Ed Requirements
  • OT Curriculum with Old Gen Ed Requirements