Course Requirements

Entry-level Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

The program leading to the entry-level Master of Science in Occupational Therapy is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Middle States Commission of Higher Education and the American Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE).  The entry-level MSOT degree is 7 semesters in length.  The program requirements are as follows:

Course Requirements: 67 credits (70-76 if leveling courses are required)

Program Leveling Courses 9 credits maximum)
  • OT 507 Fundamentals of OT (3cr) -OR- prior coursework in occupational therapy
  • OT 562 Neuroscience for the OT (3cr) -OR- prior coursework in human neuroscience
  • OT 564 Kinesiology for the OT (3cr) -OR- prior coursework in human kinesiology
Required Interdisciplinary Courses (3 credits)
  • COR 520 Ethics and Moral Leadership 3cr
Required Occupational Therapy Course (49 credits)
  • OT 513 Advocacy & Public Policy (3cr)
  • OT 521 Occupational. Performance III: Behavioral Health (4cr)
  • OT 522 Leadership & Management (3cr) 
  • OT 523 Occupational Performance IV: Geriatric (4cr)
  • OT 525 Pathology for OT Practitioners (3cr)
  • OT 526 Current Trends in OT (3cr) 
  • OT 527 OT Process (3cr)
  • OT 532 Activity Analysis (3cr)    
  • OT 534 Occupational Performance I: Pediatric (4cr)
  • OT 536 Occupational Performance II: Adult (4cr)
  • OT 538 Adapting & Grading with Technology (3cr)
  • OT 581 Fieldwork I Seminar I (1cr)
  • OT 582 Fieldwork I Seminar II (1cr)
  • OT 583 Fieldwork I Seminar III (1cr)
  • OT 607 Data Analysis for the OT (3cr)
  • OT 611 Inter-professional Collaboration (3cr)
  • OT 624 Best Ethical Practice in OT (3cr)
Required full time level II fieldwork experience (8 credits)
  • OT 587 Occupational Therapy Fieldwork: Practicum I (4cr)
  • OT 589 Occupational Therapy Fieldwork : Practicum II (4cr)
Required Capstone Courses (7 credits)
  • OT 605 Research Design (3cr)
  • OT 620 Research Report (4cr)     



Entry Level MSOT Program