Alvernia’s MSN program ensures that you will emerge with the knowledge and skills in nursing education, nursing leadership or healthcare informatics. Each track prepares students to function in a rapidly changing and complex healthcare environment that demands innovative approaches. Learning experiences in each of the tracks emphasize inter-professional collaboration and cultural competence and additional skills, knowledge and abilities required for healthcare leaders in today’s workplaces.

Graduates are prepared for education-focused positions, such as Nurse Educators in collegiate settings, Staff Development Educators in healthcare settings, Product Educators for medical supply companies or Clinical Educators in patient care settings. Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Administration track graduates are prepared to practice as a unit and as department-level nurse managers and administrators in the healthcare system. Healthcare Informatics track graduates are prepared to practice as an integral member and leader of technology integration decision-making teams.

Nursing Education Track

This track is designed for professional nurses who are seeking a career in nursing education. In the Nursing Education track, students will learn about instructing pre-licensed nursing students in classroom, clinical and nursing simulation lab settings, teaching new and experienced RNs new skills in staff development positions and planning innovative strategies to facilitate the learning process. They also receive rigorous studies in curriculum development and implementation, instructional skills and strategies, use of educational technology, and educational assessment and evaluation. See MSN curriculum for courses and more details.

Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Administration Track

The primary purpose of this track is to develop qualities and skills to be effective nursing leaders within local, regional or national healthcare settings. Students in this track are prepared to be an integral member and leader of decision-making teams to improve patient outcomes. They also develop expertise in understanding the delivery of healthcare from a regional, national and global perspective, key concepts of business management, budgeting processes, management of human resources, and how to develop and implement a strategic plan to attain performance excellence. See MSN curriculum for courses and more details.

Healthcare Informatics Track

The Healthcare Informatics track prepares the MSN graduate to fully practice within the scope and standards of the nurse informaticist role. Students are prepared to be integral members and leaders of technology integration decision-making teams within healthcare systems. Students develop key theoretical and skill competencies in the domains of informatics professional practice, regulations, system design life cycle, data management and healthcare technology. See MSN curriculum for courses and more details.

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