MSAT students are required to pay the following fees during the professional phase of the program.  Program tuition as of 2017-2018:


Traditional Day Undergraduate Programs

Full time (12-17 credits)                                             $17,035/semester

Part time (less than 12 credits)                                    $934/credit

Overload credits (more than 17 credits)                     $934/credit

Audit (no grade)                                                         $470/credit

Senior citizens (Age 65+; space-available basis)        No charge for tuition

(Undergraduate Only)


General Graduate Tuition as of 2017-2018:

Master: $730 per credit,

Doctoral: $970 per credit,

Comprehensive Fee: 2% of tuition,

Technology Fee - web enhanced course: $20/credit, blended course: $30/credit, and online course $40/credit. Alvernia University reserves its right to change tuition, fees and other charges from one academic semester to the next as deemed necessary by the University in order to meet its financial commitments and to fulfill its role and mission.

Reference for program-specific and general tuition and fee information.


Fall Semester 1: Comprehensive fee                           $500

Spring Semester 2: Comprehensive fee                      $500

Fall Semester 3: Comprehensive fee                           $500

Spring Semester 4: Comprehensive fee                      $500


Additional professional phase fees:

Clearances (general)

FBI Federal Criminal History Record (Act 114): $30

PA State Police Criminal Records Check (Act 34): $10

PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 151): $10


Clearances Alvernia University Health center:

Prior to enrolling in any clinical course, the students must present proof of:

Childhood immunizations, (no added cost)

Annual physical, within in 1 year of matriculation (cost per insurance carrier)

Flu shot, annually year 4 and 5 ($20 or free if covered by insurance)

2-step TB test annually year 4 and 5 ($16 year 4 and $8 year 5)

9 panel drug screen, for St. Joseph Hospital rotation only (part of comprehensive)

Alvernia University Student Health Insurance, if the student does not have proof of personal health insurance, (approximately $2100/annually)


General Fees:

Annual Membership to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association: $85 annually

Clinical Education Uniform and supplies: $50 (minimum)

Textbooks: approximately $500/semester

First Aid, CPR with AED certification: (approximately $30)

MSAT Master of Science in Athletic Training