Pursue Your Passion

Some students know they want to work in a forensics laboratory or sports broadcasting or government. Some have their eye on medical or law school. Others are not sure and want to explore options during their educational journey. Alvernia University’s College of Arts and Sciences boasts outstanding faculty mentors who will ignite your passion and prepare you for a promising career.

Expert Faculty Who Care

Our small departments allow for individual attention. You will get to know faculty very well as you collaborate on research, projects that help the community, publications, and travel study courses in Ireland or China, for example. Our big reach includes internship opportunities at Disney, ESPN, Caron Foundation or Capitol Hill. That is because our faculty are well-known for their scholarship and leadership. In applying to grad school or competitive jobs, your letters of recommendation and real-world learning experiences will stand out because of those professional relationships.

Career Guidance Before and After Graduation

As you cultivate a career path, we equip you with strategies for talking about the “soft skills” you develop at Alvernia, including analytical thinking, communication, ethical leadership, teaming, and problem-solving, along with your major studies. We know that employers value qualities that position you for life-long learning. Additionally, we encourage Arts and Sciences majors to complete a minor in Business or our new Technology programs to complement your major with practical competencies. Ample opportunities exist to tailor your education to meet your intellectual and vocational pursuits. Engaged Alvernia alumni provide compelling success stories, and we encourage students to utilize this network of fellow Golden Wolves as a valuable resource.

Explore Alvernia University’s website to learn more about our dynamic programs; then visit campus to meet faculty and students and experience first-hand the value of an exceptional liberal arts education in the Franciscan tradition.

Division Contacts

Elizabeth Matteo, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Francis Hall 410



Kelly Williams

Administrative Assistant

College of Arts and Sciences

Francis Hall 405