Bachelor of Social Work Curriculum


Liberal Arts Core (31/55 credits)*
General Elective Requirements (as needed)**

Social Work Major Requirements (43 Credits):

SW 201 Introduction to Social Work
SW 301 Social Welfare
SW 302 Social Policy
SW 303 Human Behavior/Social Environment I
SW 304 Human Behavior/Social Environment II
SW 305 Social Work Practice I
SW 306 Social Work Practice II
SW 316 Introduction to Field Education
SW 401 Social Work Practice III
SW 402 Social Work Practice IV - Capstone
SW 403 Senior Field Education I
SW 404 Senior Field Education II
SW 405 Methods of Social Research
SW 407 Senior Field Education I Seminar
SW 408 Senior Field Education II Seminar

Choose Three Courses: (9 elective credits)

SW 202 Social Services to Children
SW 203 The Process of Aging
SW 207 Intervention Strategies for Families
SW 209 Death, Dying and Bereavement
SW 231 Culturally Sensitive Human Service Practice

Required Courses in Related Areas:

BIO 109 Human Biology
MAT 208 Introductory Statistics or MAT 209 Probability and Statistics
Psychology course (3 credits)
Sociology course (3 credits)

Child Welfare Concentration:

SW 201 Introduction to Social Work
SW 202 Social Services to Children
SW 301 Social Welfare
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 175 Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation
CJ 272 Probation and Parole  -OR-
CJ 274 Corrections and Rehabilitation
BH 300 Case Management
BH 411 Counseling Special Populations -OR-
BH 413 Special Issues Seminar

*All Alvernia University Students are required to complete between 31-55 credits toward the Liberal Arts Core. Transfer work may be applicable for this area. As part of the application process, students receive specific information regarding remaining credits.

**A total of 123 credits including 3 credits in a human diversity course are required to complete a bachelor’s degree. To adhere to Franciscan Values, community service hours are also required. In addition, at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level must be taken at Alvernia University.
Social Work