Course Descriptions

NUR 303 Preparation for Professional Writing (1 credit)

This course is designed for students to develop proficiency in information access and evaluation skills.  The principles and techniques of academic writing along with other types of writing used by professional nurses will be introduced.  Students will transform information into clear and concise narratives.

NUR 307 Concepts and Theories (3 credits)

The course provides an overview of historical aspects, contemporary issues, and future trends in nursing practice within a legal, moral, ethical, and political framework.  The course introduces practicing nurses to multiple nursing theories, philosophies, and conceptual models with application to practice. 
Pre-or co-requisite: "NUR 303: Preparation for Professional Writing"

NUR 316 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan for Professional Nurses (3 credits)

The nursing process guides the enhancement of skills for the systematic collection, organization, interpretation, integration, and communication of data reflecting the health status of individuals.  Building upon skills obtained in nursing practice, learning activities within the classroom and clinical laboratory and designed to facilitate acquisition of theory and skills necessary to perform a holistic assessment of individuals across the life span.  This course includes classroom and laboratory components. 

NUR 318 Developing Cultural Competencies and Global Awareness (3 credits)

This course focuses on improving the safety and quality of nursing practice in the light of our country's cultural pluralism.  Health care practices and beliefs of selected cultures in the United States, as well as legal, moral, ethical, political, economic, spiritual, and geographical factors impacting health care in a pluralistic society are explored.  Client education and nursing research are integrated with accepted anthropological and sociological concepts and theories.  This course fulfills the human diversity graduation requirement. 
Pre-or co-requisite: "NUR 303: Preparation for Professional Writing"

NUR 320 Introduction to Healthcare Informatics (3 credits)

This course introduces the student to an overview of the basic concepts of healthcare informatics.  This course integrates nursing science with computer technology and information science used to enhance the student's use of information technology for developing, evaluating, and disseminating health care information. 
Pre- or co-requisite: “NUR 303: Preparation for Professional Writing” or permission of the Chair.

NUR 403 Health Restoration for an Aging Population (6 credits)

The nursing process is utilized to explore theories of health promotion and restoration in the aging population with chronic illness. Various cultural and complementary modalities used in health restoration are introduced with a focus on family support and community resources. Research studies are reviewed that relate to nursing care of aging patients in the community and hospital setting.  Provided is an overview of holistic care for individuals and family members that assures quality end-of-life care. This course includes a clinical component. 

NUR 405 Health Promotion in Families and Communities (6 credits)

This course introduces varied aspects of community and public health nursing through the nursing process.  Strategies will be utilized for health maintenance, health promotion, and disease prevention for clients of all ages, their families, the community, and multicultural populations.  This course includes a clinical component. 

NUR 411 Nursing Leadership and Management (3 credits)

Provides the professional nurse with knowledge and skills essential to be a coordinator, manage, and leader within a personal and professional ethical framework.  Skills essential to this role are leadership, communication, collaboration, effective time-management, appropriate negotiation, coordination and evaluation of interdisciplinary health care teams for the purpose of outcome based practice. 
Pre- or co-requisite: "NUR 303:  Preparation for Professional Writing"

NUR 419 Research Methods for Professional Nurses (3 credits)

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to principles and practices underlying nursing research.  Professional nurses are prepared to analyze, critique, interpret and apply evidence-based research to nursing practice.  Nurses relate the value of using evidence-based data in their nursing practice.  This course builds on nurses' experience and expertise by introducing quality improvement principles and tools that support a culture of improvement.  The underpinning of the course shows professional nurses how to enhance a culture of improvement and use evidence-based research with the goal of improving patient/client outcomes. 
Pre-or co-requisite: MAT 208 or 209. Pre-or co-requisite "NUR 303: Preparation for Professional Writing"


RN to BSN Completion