Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Science Curriculum


Liberal Arts Core (31/55 credits)*
General Elective Requirements (as needed)**

Healthcare Science Major Requirements (30 Credits):

HCS 200 Foundations of Healthcare Science
HCS 300 Writing for Healthcare Science
HCS 310 Health & Wellness Over the Lifespan
HCS 320 Healthcare Science & Cultural Competence
HCS 330 Healthcare Literacy & Advocacy
HCS 340 Healthcare Science Management
HCS 400 Healthcare System Policy
HCS 410 Community Health Org & Admin
HCS 420 Current Issues in Healthcare
HCS 430 Healthcare Science Capstone

Related Requirements:

BIO 100 level with lab
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (Social Science Core applicable)
BIO 216 Nutrition
PSY 208 Human Development Across Lifespan
SOC 111 Intro to Sociology

*All Alvernia University students are required to complete between 31-55 credits toward the Liberal Arts core. Transfer work may be applicable for this area. As part of the application process, students receive specific information regarding remaining credits.

**A total of 123 credits including 3 credits in a human diversity course are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree. To adhere to Franciscan Values, community service hours are also required. In addition, at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level must be taken at Alvernia University. Recommended core 100 level science with lab: BIO 102, BIO 107/117, BIO 109 or BIO 115/116.
Healthcare Science