Bachelor Degree in Healthcare Administration Curriculum


Business Core (30-31 credits)
BUS 101 Financial Accounting
BUS 200 Managerial Accounting (or BUS 250}
BUS 206 Management Principles
BUS 207 Marketing Principles
MAT 208 Statistics (or MAT 209)
BUS 342 Business Law
BUS 410 Financial Markets
BUS 411 Corporate Finance
BUS 426 Strategic Management
BUS 438 Business Seminar

Healthcare (21 credits)
HCS 200 Foundations of Healthcare Science
HCS 300 Writing for Healthcare Science
HCS 330 Healthcare Literacy & Adv.
HCS 340 Healthcare Science Mgt.
HCS 400 Healthcare Systems & Policy
HCS 410 Comm. Health Org & Adm.
HCS 430 Healthcare Science Capstone
Related Requirements (6 credits)
ECON 248 Macroeconomics
ECON 249 Microeconomics
BUS 441 Cooperative Education in Business I
BUS 442 Cooperative Education in Business II

*Students entering the program with 70+ transferable credits or an associate’s degree must complete 30/31
Liberal Arts Core credits.

A total of 123 credits and 3 credits in a human diversity course are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

To adhere to Franciscan values, community service hours are also required. In addition, at least 30 credits at
the 300/400 levels must be taken at Alvernia University. Program requirements are subject to change.

Contact your admissions counselor for the most up-to-date information.

Healthcare Administration